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canadas role in ww2 Essay

Essay Topic:

The war that began in 1939 greatly changed Canada and the entire world. The Second World War involved more countries and caused my casualties than any other war in ever in history. This essay will explore the causes of the war, Canada's contributions to the war effort, the factors that contributed to the holocaust, and how Canada changed because of WW2.
Germany was the main defeated nation of the First World War. Because of this loss the Treaty of Versailles was imposed. This treaty put heavy burdens on Germany; it lost all of its colonies and had to repay a huge sum of money to the Allies. This was nearly impossible Germany had lost the war the economy was in a state of depression from fighting the war. Although they had just adopted democracy, this could do little during this state of depression. Hitler was brought into power because the people of Germany felt desperate to get out of their rut.
Believe it or not The League of Nations also contributed to the war. The point of the League of Nations was to prevent any future wars from occurring. The great flaw in this plan was that the League had no way of enforcing its decisions. Without any military might to back it up all that the League could do was ask politely for change. This does not always work.
Hitler was the leader of the "German Nationalist Socialist Party" (Morton, 1988) AKA the Nazi party. Hitler promised to gain more "living space' for the German people. He claimed the German people deserved more because they were the "superior race." This preached fascism soon made Hitler the leader of Germany. Hitler immediately began making radical changes he eliminated all other parties securing his position as dictator. He immediately begins building up arms, and military (violating the Treaty of Versailles). (http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/GERnazigermany.htm)
Hitler thought that the German people were "superior&qu

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