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The following example essay on “Canada – Country Information” collects brief information about the country in North America, the largest in area on this continent and the second largest in the world.

Ever after this country was a multicultural community, since the immigrants splitted up in Natives and Inuit. Demonstrable the Vikings where thefirst visitors in Canada, a long time before Columbus. Two less academic underpined (substatiated) theories are: In Quebec some scientists found epigraphs on stones, that proably where from libyan sailors, dated long time before Christ‘s birth.

And about 500 before Christ a chinese monk named Hui Shan landed in todays British Columbia. You can discover, Canda was always a popular destination for many Nations, even if you leave it with the “official” european dicoverer John Cabot.

Not only the British and the Irish, even the French made this country a second home for them. Canada is marked by the long lasting british crown colony. The political system, the justice and the scholl system give evidence for that.

These three exsamples follow the model of the former mother country. Only the frenchspeaking population could prevent an “over seas England”.

In opposite to their american neighbours, who wanted to be a “melting pot of nations”, Canada was worth of being a “mosaic of nations”. The national qualities of all people, that have found a new home between Halifax and Vancouver, should not become a great canadian unity. The different cultures had to be saved and should contribute to the country‘s welfare.

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The government and the lokal administrations are sopporting this. You can see that in one of the cosmopolitan cities of Northamerica, Toronto.

On the “Caravan”, an annual procession of the Nationalities in Toronto, more than fifty countries of the immigrants are represented. Rassism is not a big thing in Canada, all different peoples exist in harmony. Besinde the humanitarian point of view of the liberal immigration policy Canada had also economic background.

The word democracy comes from two Greek words, demos meaning “people” and kratos meaning “authority”.Democracy is a type of government where the people have the right to choose their own destiny.Canada, the United States, and Mexico all run on a democratic government, but how democratic each really is, is what makes them different. I believe that Canada has the most democratic constitution of the three. This can be proven by comparing Canada’s constitution with Mexico’s and then with the US.

First, when comparing Canada and Mexico, it is more obvious that Canada is more democratic, than when comparing the States.One part of Mexico’s constitution that really jumps out is part II of Article 36, which states that Mexican citizens are obligated to enlist in the National Guard.This is an example of a very undemocratic rule because you are forcing someone to enroll in an activity they do not wish to participate in and subjecting them to possible physical harm or even death.

Then, in Article 38, it goes on to say that if a citizen fails to comply they will be suspended of their rights as a citizen.This is unjust punishment for an already undemocratic request. Second, we can look at the official languages that the US and Canada have.Canada has recognized that there are two dominant languages in our country.

Quebec is a French speaking province and since we are democratic we assigned both French and English to be our official languages. Also, in a Canadian court, you are aloud the right to a translator if you do not speak the dominant language (ie. English in an English court room). In the United States however, in the south there is a very large Spanish speaking population. The States fail to recognize the Spanish language and therefore a large number of citizens as well, which is undemocratic. Therefore, as proven, Canada has the most democratic constitution of the three countries.

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