In this assignment, I am trying to discover what a suitable product is for Cadbury to sell to children which are 14 – 16 years old. The product would have to be a chocolate bar. I have to discover what type of chocolate bar should Cadbury produce and other information which is needed. The method which I used to find out the following information was to first find out what information needed to be discovered. Then I designed a questionnaire to find out most of this information which was required.

I wrote down my questionnaire results which I got from questioning twenty 14 – 16 year old children.

I questioned children between aged 14 – 16 years because this is the age group at which the product is aimed at. I wrote the results down in a data collection sheet which I made for the questionnaire. I then made another questionnaire which was smaller, to discover some more information which needed to be discovered. During this investigation, I have discovered many things about what the product should be like, what the price should the chocolate bar be, how it should be advertised, where it should be sold, what kind of packaging should the chocolate bar have and what type of chocolates do children aged between 14 and 16 years like.

Questionnaire On Cadbury

The product itself is a chocolate bar. This chocolate bar is aimed at children aged between 14 and 16 years. From my research which I have conducted, I have discovered that children in this age group prefer to eat milk chocolate rather than white or dark chocolate as thirteen out of twenty children preferred milk chocolate.

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I have also discovered from my questionnaires, that children in this age group like to eat chocolate which has nothing within it. From my second questionnaire, I discovered that the chocolate should be soft and not hard.

It should also have a flaky texture and should melt in your mouth. This is also how I came across the name of this product- Dairy Milk Crumbly. I think this name describes the product well and is also a well known and trusted name which from my research is also one of the most favourite brand names in the UK. The price I have set for this product is 45p. This price has been selected after doing two questionnaires. In my first questionnaire I asked about what the 14 – 16 year olds think the price should be and I also asked this in the second questionnaire.

The difference was, that in the second questionnaire, I used relatively smaller price groups to choose from. This price is also similar to prices of other chocolate bars sold in shops. Selling the product at 45p would make a good profit, as it only costs 8-10p to make one bar. From my research, I have also found out how the product should be advertised. From my first questionnaire, I discovered that a child is more likely to find out about a new chocolate bar from the internet.

I discovered from my results of the second questionnaire that an overwhelming majority of children within the age group accesses the internet at least 3 days a week, and half access the internet at least five days a week. Using the internet to advertise is very advantageous to Cadbury as they sell their products worldwide. The internet is also worldwide and the adverts would be able reach a large number of children. For their secondary means of advertisement, I suggest that Cadbury use television advertising.

But this method of advertising can be disadvantageous as many people do not watch the adverts on TV as they may go to make a drink or get some food. The chocolate bar should be sold in newsagents, supermarkets and to leisure centres. I have also identified a mistake made earlier which is that I asked where someone would go to buy a bar of chocolate. The mistake was that I asked only about buying chocolates singularly but I have now realised that more chocolates are bought from supermarkets as many people buy multi packs of chocolates.

The packaging of the chocolate should be brightly coloured as this attracts more people to look at the chocolate when they enter a shop. As they are attracted to the chocolate as they enter, they are more likely to be tempted to buy the chocolate bar. Also the packaging has to be kept airtight to protect the chocolate. The packaging also has to contain information on the weight of the product, its nutritional value, its ingredients and has to separately name the ingredients which may cause allergic reactions.

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