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Business Essay Writing Guide Paper

The business essay related to the finance, investments or budgeting operates around the specific terminology, encompasses credible sources, adequate and faithful statistical representation, and clear and readable structure. The formal writing such as request or application forms to banks or credit unions uses the standardized structure with the clear introduction, the purpose of the paper, and necessary information that accurately supports the meaning of the essay. While the internal business communication can be simplified to the company’s cultural code and ethics, the business request or financial letter is using specific structure and vocabulary that makes them the gold standard in writing about money.

The semi-formal managerial pieces about money may have more extended structure and organization that depend on the purpose and the outcome of such an article. Thereby, all these ‘money’ papers have several features in common so that these aspects can be used as a background for the financial report, business requests or topic-essays related to the money.

Structure of the Paper


Each paper should represent the aim or the purpose why it is written or what results do you expect to get. The introductory part should include the overall representation of the topic, whether it is the report, request, informative article or essay. Moreover, the introduction should encompass the reason why you are writing this piece so that the reader of your article will understand your motivation or why this essay is essential to read. The final part of the introduction is your thesis statement or request that will state your position during the whole paper or indicate the precise message of your writing.

Body part

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The body part can be divided into various sections that will represent several ideas that should be included or delivered by the essay. While this aspect depends on the writers’ preferences, it is better to explain what some papers should consist of, based on their purposes.

Examples of Money Papers’ Structure

The financial request should include information about all the vital economic aspects that you want to discuss or present. The information should be supported by real-world evidence, clear statistical data, and references to the appropriate literature (other financial reports, legal acts or credible business documents), databases or commercial organizations. Moreover, the terminology of such writing should provide the writer’s in-depth understanding of the topic and excellent money management skills. Furthermore, the financial request should exclude any vagueness or biased language and operate only with information presented in the paper. In case some supportive documents are used they should be mentioned and appropriately cited to exclude plagiarism or misleading information.

The business essay related to the finance or budgeting should consist, at least, of three paragraphs that represent the background of the proposal, analysis of the situation, and recommendations or the solution. If you want to write the paper related to money savings or about how to manage money, you should begin with the problem or issue introduction. The brief explanation about the problem or solution should include background information, main causes that insisted on writing the paper, and how the situation looks like for now.

Then, the money essay should provide the analysis of the case, using some principals of money management, amount of money that should be used or saved, and people that may be involved or affected by the depicted problem or proposed solution. Besides, the last paragraph of the money essay’s body part should summarize the issue and provide the recommendation or resolution as the paper’s outcome. While this type of writing has extended purposes, the topic may vary from the improvement of poor money management to explain how to save money or place money in the bank.

Another type of essays related to money is students’ requests for a student loan or some college incentives that are the important issue for the modern youth. This type of money management essay is essential for those who need not only to make a financial request but also to get an understanding of how to communicate in the real world. Besides, this type of writing requires in-depth preparations and double-check of the information that may be included in the paper.

The money management essay related to the students’ loans or financial activities should encompass the specific and clear purpose, information about the writer, and the reason why you write this paper. Besides, the paper cannot operate with such terms, as a ‘lot of money,’ ‘manage money’ or ‘need money’ so that you should exclude them from your writing. Nonetheless, these phrases can be replaced by more appropriate information about the precise sum, the purpose for this money, and why the student will need these funds.


The conclusion of the essay related to money should be a brief reminder of the paper thesis and summary of all points mentioned in the paper. Besides, the document can include some references to the reader if the writing piece is the report or advisory article.

Some Tips to Improve Money Essay Writing Skills

The structure and organization of the money essay have no clear definition or standards as all depends on the purpose of the paper. Thereby if you required to write the article about your money or some aspects of money management and allocation, you should focus on your writing skills, language, and main ideas that you want to deliver. For instance, to request money, you should include the reasons and main fields where you will use them. This can be college, additional education, some personal activities or even mortgage.

However, such paper does not require you to write about you or your preferences directly, as the caring message is obtaining the permission or grant. In case, the writing should discuss the financial status or some money-saving process; you should represent your excellence in money management and resources allocation. While this can be a tricky task, to avoid some traps, you should analyze the situation and possess your proposals from the reader’s perspective.

If the topic of your essay is overspending and budgeting, include the information or techniques that may save money or mitigate some adverse issues in the financial statements. These will ensure that you omit the poorly developed thesis and will show your ability advice people appropriately and even about some considerable sums of money.

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