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About the Company HALLMARK GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATION Based from Newark, Delaware State of the United States of America, this company started its office in Hyderabad, after exploring the market in Singapore. The main business of the company is providing real world IT and Technology solutions to Global Corporations. This company is one among the Talluri Groups’ many other ventures, like Talluri Technologies, Grapevyne IT Solutions and Object Soft, and is headed by Mr.

Jay Talluri ,Chairman for Group of Companies; Mr.

Suman, Managing Director and in charge for all India Operations; Mr. Venky Char, CEO (Worked for Yahoo, GE, Microsoft as Divisional Manager for Asia Pacific) ; Mr. Vijay, Chief Technology Officer. Strengths The main strengths upon which the company stands are Customer Centric approach, ability to deliver accurately and effectively what the customers wanted, heavy industrial exposure, highly qualified and experienced workforce and lasting and enduring customer relationships , which play a major role in the rapid growth of the company.

Global Presence

Hallmark Global Technologies Inc.

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supports its clients’ operations around the world, seamlessly delivering the same results-driven solutions wherever they do business. Its clients rely on its global capabilities to address their business needs. The Company’s growth and success has evolved from its ability to foresee customer challenges and address them with apt solutions. Its teams, comprising of research innovators, architects and developers have constantly worked on developing products, solutions and mission-critical applications Hallmark Global Technologies Inc. has emerged to be a world-class solutions and products organization with clientele spread across geographies. It has time-and-again taken up challenges for accomplishing the mission of customer satisfaction armored with a focused vision and technical expertise. Its technical expertise coupled with functional know-how equipped it to collaborate with global organizations to deliver enterprise-wide solutions for business verticals such as Insurance, Retail and Distribution, Consumer Electronics, Healthcare and Utilities. Its clientele comprise of organizations of varied sizes – from small and medium companies to Fortune 100 corporations.

Hallmark Global

It acts as a strategic technology partner for global conglomerates and also provide R outsourcing services to international technology labs. Hallmark Global Technologies Inc. , has established structured Technology Excellence Groups (TEG) to foster innovation. This group continually explores advocates and applies new tools, technologies and methodologies to provide both clients and in-house development teams with technology directions and cutting edge solutions. The TEGs are ‘early adapters’ of new technologies and act as ‘test beds’ for these technologies before they are deployed in solutions for our customers.

This ensures that our customers have access to the latest technologies at all times. PRODUCTS Being an ISO 9001 : 2001 certified multimillion dollar turnover MNC, this company has a range of software solutions and services for the enterprise as well as service providers, which are ? EMS (Our school) ?Progressive Portfolio Management (PPM) ?Universal Report Platform (URP) ?iFleet ?IEMS EMS EMS is an interactive platform for all entities viz. Students, Teachers, Management, Parents, Alumni, Guests and Experts of an educational institution. Benefits: Daily Monitoring Effective Management reports

To avoid duplication of data and efforts To reduce paperwork and dependency on paper reports To reduce the time to generate timely and effective management reports. Effective use of man power Decision making. To Automate Totally and Reduce the Burden on Admin Staff. To Connect All The Departments & Various Institutions, so as to Access / Share the Information Needed To innovate Progressive Portfolio Management ( PPM ): Custom Reports for Investment Analysis For people who want information at the tips of their fingers, PPM is designed for maximum ease of use; in fact it’s as simple as loading a CD.

There will be a single CD for the analysis product itself that will contain all the platform and solution elements and additional licenses will be required for the reporting, ETL and databases tools employed. Due to the scalable and module-based nature of this product, additional solutions can be added to the existing features at later dates. The data mart can be deployed with any third-party business Intelligence solution to provide visualization capabilities. Some of the prepackaged reports that showcase the capabilities of the program are: capital cost performance, labor cost performance, bill and cost trends, portfolio trend analysis etc.

Interface capabilities: Considering the need to develop web interfaces to the web intelligence product to enhance the reporting capabilities, the product is architected to be available in J2EE and . Net To carry out data transfer, this tool can be integrated with SAP using the existing technologies of SAP like IDOC, BDC and ALE Hallmark’s iFleet: iFleet will make it simple to track vehicle maintenance for each individual vehicle no matter what the size of your fleet. Benefits: Labor Productivity-20% Increase in Productivity

Reduce paperwork 100% increase in reporting accuracy & accountability Fuel, Tires, Administration-Real Savings & Consistency Establish your own fleet benchmarks for costs and operations Identify poor fuel KMPL units as compared to fleet averages Tracks tire cost by unit & measure cost per KM against averages Make new vehicle buying decisions on performance comparisons Provide central control with consistent method of fleet reporting Never again pay fines for out of date license and permits

Identify cost trends and make operating budget projections Universal Report Platform ( URP ): Upon requests from several clients, UPR was researched and conceived to address the growing problem of multiple media and platforms of document storage (ex. Paper-based, Online, CDs) in organizations which result in some of the following technical environment problems: Excess complexity due to multiple systems Architecture does not support multiple delivery systems

Difficulty adhering to legal and compliance mandates in a timely manner Duplication of effort across the report generation systems from analysis through implementation, production and support Increased costs in maintaining multiple systems across multiple divisions UPR is designed to address a lot of the above problems: Benefits of UPR: Consolidate all report generation and execution systems into one Elimination duplication and improving business processes Improve client experience both internally and externally

Reduce production impact caused by the complexity of building reports in multiple systems, manual intervention and error correction Provide general functionality with browser base access to Display application document, Track status of fulfillment and application, Order documents, disclosures, letters and allow modification of documents Improve the ability to apply legal and compliance directives to documents Fulfill form letters, packets, individual documents and document packages

IEMS Is a scalable, flexible, assists the users in various countries to report manifest details with voyage, bill of landing and container information to their local customs through Electronic Data Interchange exchange message. Benefits: Ease in creating and updating documents, disclosures in one versus multiple systems.

Reduce production impact caused by the complexity of building documents in multiple systems, manual intervention and error correction. Improved customer experience both internally and externally Improve the ability to apply legal and compliance mandates to documents Significant improvement in ability to handle Import and Out bound customers.

Generate warning messages to prevent processing until critical disclosures, documents and / or letters have been satisfied Modify / update documents, disclosures, and letters to accommodate legislative and business needs Allow authorized users to initiate individual entry, report generation and to authorization at different levels as needed throughout processing cycle Generate reports wherever necessary Send documents electronically to different branches / countries. Query system for status of outstanding documents and other critical indicators

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