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Bush or Kerry Essay

There are less than 90 days until November 2nd; the race between Bush and Kerry for the White House is close and exhilarating. People all over United States are wondering who will win the 2004 election: Kerry or Bush? Even though both candidates made a plethora of speeches, and held campaign after campaign, only one man can win. That man should be John Kerry; He has an authoritative presence, he communicates a positive vision for our country, and he promotes keeping our environment safe for future generations.
A president should always have an authoritative presence and look; many individuals have heard the saying "you can either make or break a man", but an authoritative presence and look can either make or break a presidency. Kerry looks very "presidential" to many observers: he is tall, thin, an exceedingly serious. Thus, to some, he commands respect and appears dependable. Furthermore, Kerry's loud and deep speaking style suggests a level of seriousness that many want in the Oval Office. President Bush is, after all, the President of the United States, so it is hard to question his presence, but often the President (who is at least five inches shorter than Kerry!) has a problem measuring up to his opponent, especially when they appear side-by-side at the presidential debates.
Communicating a positive and inspirational vision to the people at presidential debates is the "gold standard" that makes candidates into leaders in today's elections. Bush, on occasion, has risen to a level where he inspired people. His speeches after the September 11th crisis were excellent and touched many people, but lately he has fallen flat. His speeches at the recent Republican Convention were a failure, and they were greeted with yawns and disbelief. Furthermore, President Bush seemed obsessed with the war in Iraq; it would appear as if that was his "most important job" right now

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