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Essay Examples on Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Paper

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1st Essay Sample on Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

Dee Brown’s Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee is a fully documented account of the annihilation of the American Indians in the late 1800s ending at the Battle of Wounded Knee.Brown brings to light a story of torture and evil not well-known in American history.Many people don’t known about the struggles and ordeals that the Native Americans had to endure; this book brings to light a side of history that few would be proud of. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee helps to open a door into our past.It forces us to look at the dark side of American history and the lengths white men went to fulfill the Christian manifest destiny.With the exception of a few, the white man is portrayed as an indiscriminate murderer.They killed Native Americans regardless of age or sex, often mutilating the bodies.This kind of shocking behavior gives the reader a horrifying view of the birth of this great nation. Each chapter tells the same story, just with different tribes, but I believe Brown had a purpose for writing this way.It shows that no matter where the Indians turned or what they did, they were overpowered.This is a powerful point and I feel that Brown expresses it was clearly. Indians had to deal with a lot of hardships throughout history. Some of these hardships include being forced out of their homelands, had lies told to them, and many deaths.In the story of Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, all of these hardships are summed up.Many events led to the downfall of the Indians.The Indians were being forced to live in crowed reservations that were poorly run, the soil was poor, and the ancient religious practices were not allowed.Many battles and deaths have led to their almost non-existence.The Cheyenne was one of the many Indian tribes to have such problems.In the 1840’s-1850’s, there was a great deal of travel to the west.

2nd Essay Sample on Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

This book brings to light, and places front and center, possibly the most significant event in American history. That is, the genocide and displacement of the native inhabitants of what was, or would become, the United States of America, thus enabling the formation of the worlds most powerful republic. It is difficult to imagine how most readers, particularly those who are American citizens, would not have their personal perspective or opinion altered, in some small measure at least, by the historical events described within, especially that of the Nez Percés fight for their home. Of the chapters, the most moving and the most effectively presented chapter was The Flight of the Nez Percés. Brown focuses on the thirty-year period between 1860 and 1890 in which the American West was opened to all comers.

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Holding themselves with dignity were the Nez Percés in their fight for survival and their reluctance to let go of their beloved homeland. Brown relies on oral accounts, many of which were written down during treaty council meetings and other official meetings with representatives of the United States government to tell his stories, and this leaves no doubt as to which party was in the wrong in The Flight of The Nez Percés. His style lays the facts down in front of a reader, allowing no room for opinions to affect the content. Style is considered by most the imprint of a writers personality, yet Brown does not let his thoughts affect his writing, which is perhaps the most disturbing of all, just the truth. The Nez Percés country was wrenched from their grasp in the blink of an eye, for the reason of land for white settlers.

Despite being helpful and kind, the Nez Percés were still driven from their land.

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