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“Burning Chrome” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: The Cask Of Amontillado

Essay on “Burning Chrome”

– My dear Fortunato, how glad I am to have met you. What’s your youthful appearance. And I have sent today a barrel amontilyado.E.A.Po, “The Cask of Amontillado”

Those wishing to cool his krovushku amusing horror, and to drink “The Cask of Amontillado” – suggest this story

The next, night, serving. Gibson-burger! =)

And another story from the book “Burning Chrome” – read. This time – “Boondocks”. I would have told you more about the story “Duel”, but listing with him was safely forgotten in one of Moscow cafes. When the loss was noticed, I was lying on the tabloid bench, abdominal pleasantly gurgling eaten soup, and “cerebellum” erotic massage the memory of reading the “outback” – in short, to go was back broke

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So, the story “The Boondocks. “. Luxurious. Hmm, somehow I do not know any other adjectives in relation to Gibson except in superlatives. Apparently, it is an obsession, akin to the one that appears after the bite of a werewolf or vampire. Frankly, I spent two nights at the home of a fan of Gibson. But, apparently, he did not bite. And my trip to “Nosferatu Castle” has occurred after I sat down. However, the fan – is not without sin – it was he who gave me my first “accordion” with Gibson

“Boondocks.” – a strong fantasy story. Leave his emotional component – which everyone will be able to twirl himself as he wants. Let us turn to the facts. Near future. Soviet cosmonaut (the story was written in the late ’80s, and then the belief in a “bright” future red from the West was still strong) flies to Mars, through a series of routine measurements. Undershoot to the destination – its ship disappeared from radar. It’s not in a panic, and in a stupor. After several long months of otrygnet space ship with Olga Tovyevskoy (so-called astronaut), as if from nowhere. Abandoned ship. Tovyevskaya naked, curled up in a fetal position. Her hands were broken in the blood. Her hands shattered navigation equipment. In her hands – shell of unknown origin. This is the complication of the entire cosmic cheese-boron story “Boondocks”. Olga Tovyevskaya – became the first stopschiki on “the road”. On the “trail” you can get, if you’re lucky. Lucky to get a little – even less luck with her back alive. Although, I wish they were dead. Many – Madness bring with them, and various artifacts – for example one of them inscribed formula cancer drugs. And because of the high value of the artifacts – government fed “highway” more and more astronauts. Moloch. But that’s only “track” and without any space penetrated into the minds of some – who himself happy to feed her mother. And then there are those who try to help rehabilitate those who have returned from the road. They meet returnees in an artificial Eden -. Which repeatedly appears Hell

“Olga, must have known, must have it all somehow foresaw She tried not to let us go on the road, there. , visited by herself. She knew that if people find it, they will have no choice, they have to go. Even now, knowing what I know, I still want to go on the track “.

in general, creepy, scary and terribly addictive fantasy story in the best tradition of supernatural horror in literature (which we coh but something told Lovecraft) and cosmic horror. If you want to tickle your nerves before bedtime – to you on these pages. Be careful of the torches at the entrance is not issued

Two cinematic association:.

The first – the film “Event Horizon”;

The second – now I know where Garland natyril ideas for the script deniboylovskogo “Peklo”.

“Burning Chrome” Review

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