Causes of bullying

bullying BY domil 2345 Causes of bullying The horrors of bullying are an enduring theme of many people’s childhood through their adolescents. So many people in the world are subjugated to this problem, and all the after effects of it. However, the causes of bullying lie the answer. Many believe that bullies are performing their vicious acts based off of their own short comings, their own faults. Another popular belief is that the bully does what he does because of his upraising, thus putting the blame of bullying on his parents.

To this idea, owever, comes the final most popular belief that bullies do this Just for the fact of enjoying cruelty towards others. Bullying has many long lasting, horrible effects, but without understanding at least some of the causes, we shall never be able to counteract its effects properly. Bullies have had a long lasting history of lashing out at people. One of the causes of this is a bullies is that they know that they are flawed.

The bully who has a weird lisp as a child and conquers it before becoming a teenager doesn’t remember the victory, but remembers the ridicule and hate.

So that memory evolves into a physical manifestation of violence, both physical and emotional. Bullies insist on being perfect, that they are the smartest, they are the fastest, they are the strongest. If a bully fails anywhere in his life, he puts it off as something not important, and therefore not worthy of his time, or obstructed by someone who is weaker than him.

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He will always feel humiliated after said incident, and this is always bad for said victims. It is a basic predatory stance, to go after a weaker being after being in a position of public ridicule.

So if any of his flaws show, then the end result is either him not caring, or lashing out at those who bring it up. Bullies sometimes are also the product of their environment. If the parents are fighting, or there is a lack of a father or mother figure in their life, then this might be the cause of the bullying. Sometimes, the bully is left to his own devices without the proper guidance as a child prior to bullying, thus leading him to not know right from wrong. All education of social skills goes out the window without the proper incorporation of arents and proper adult supervision.

Also, a good point is the location the bully lives in. Is it a posh, upper class neighborhood? Is it one in a rundown ghetto on the “wrong side of the tracks? ” Each location harbors bullies, and develops different kinds with different agendas and forms of persecution. Sadly, bullies who suffer from any of these kinds of environments usually Just follow down the path further and further. Finally, some bullies are Just down the path of no return. Sometimes, they Just enjoy being mean and violent. This is the most unlikely cause, and the rarest.

However, sometimes people Just enjoy this. It is a very sadistic person who enjoys hurting people, to find Joy in cruelty. This really has no reason for why it happens, and as it has been speculated to it is a chemical imbalance in the brain or fester psychological trauma, Just that some people are born this way. It is always the most disruptive and violent, and sometimes even fatal form of bullying. It’s very common for it to be found online, because it becomes disassociated from actual bullying. Sometimes, some eople Just want to watch the world burn, and laugh as it does.

Bullying is a plague, one that will always spread rapidly, but one that will eventually be wiped out. hood. With the idea of a fully functioning adult becoming a bully is frightening, it isn’t very likely and can only do so much. So identifying the causes now so the habits may be deterred later is crucial in fighting this ongoing social problem. Eventually, bully and its horrors will be eradicated, but until then, we must remember and research the causes to prevent social catastrophes in the future.

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