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Mission Statement Of Nike Paper

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Nine’s corporate mission statement “To be the world’s leading sports and fitness company” is Nikkei primary objective. Through the introduction of our new product, Nikkei E-plus, we hope we can bring Inspiration and innovation to every athlete In the world. We believe that “If you have body, you are an athlete”. The previously slogan of “Just do It” represents the “detached, determined, unsentimental” attitude of every sport men. Same as the new slogan for our new product Nikkei E-plus, “Just drink It”, It represents the same meaning as the previous slogan.

It Is cool, funny, and classic. Nikkei E-plus long term financial goals are high single dealt revenue growth; mild-teens earnings per share growth; and Increased return on Invested capital and accelerated cash flows. Our first step Is to focus more to grow market share. Although In short term after Introduction of new product, Nikkei E-plus may be In lost state due to the large amount investment are invested into product development and marketing campaign.

However, we have strong confidence that we can enter the sport drink market in just half of the year. Our market share will grow instantly in middle term and starts to turn lost into profit in 2 years. Our 3 years middle-term goal is to increase net income to $10 million through Nikkei E-plus in the year 2013. We will slightly adjust our pricing for Nikkei E-plus after it reach mid-high market share to ensure to get high return rate in long run. In 5 years long-run objective, we wish to achieve an aim that increase our net income 25% annually.

What Is The Mission Statement Of Nike

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