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Bullovh Hall Essay

Seeing the Bulloch hall forfirst time, more than a historic building I felt it as something bright and pure and radiating.Just a glance at it turns our memories to about two hundred year back when the only way to escape cold winter was a warm fireplace and transportation was hand?oared boats and wagons. This same hall was the girlhood home of Mitte Bulloch, mother of the 26th president Theodore Roosevelt and grandmother of First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt.Major James Stephen Bulloch, one of Roswell’sfirst settlers and the grandson of Governor of Archibald Bulloch built the Bulloch hall in 1840.
More than calling it a hall it should be called the Bulloch home, because it shows all the characters of a comfortable home.The entrance of this hall draws our attention to the long hallway lying across the house connecting all rooms and stairs.Thefirst room from the hallway is the parlor which has an old, royal piano and a huge fireplace (the house altogether has 11 fireplaces).There are big huge windows in the parlor that lets the sunrays come through. The next was the dinning room, which was decorated by silverware from that period.The most wonderful thing that we see throughout this house is its furniture.The dinning table is a big one with a formal dinner set laid out there.A warming room right adjacent to the dinning room is the last room on the right of the hallway.
On the left side of the hallway is the nursery room, which has a rocking chair and a riding pony from that time. On the other side of the master bedroom is the library, which is facing the grassy pastures before the house giving the reader a sense of relief and a good environment to read.The hallway then takes us upstairs to the family bedroom. Mitte’s room is next to the family bedroom with lot of her personal items still preserved.There is a small sewing room whose floor is more inlaid compared to other rooms on that floor, probably to keep child…

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