Kids Bulling

Bulling BY sveta666 Some people say that bullying is only reason why children do not want to go to school. However others think that there are much more causes why pupils try to escape from schools. This essay will examine you some reasons of bulling and another reasons why kids don’t want to attend schools. There are some forms of bulling which are more widespread nowadays. The first reason why the schools have the most bullies and victims of such incidents is because of how the kids are raised today.

Therefore children who are raised in an unhealthy environment, kids who dont spend enough time with their parents can row up not knowing how to be socially accepted. Many bullies threaten their victims with a beating if the don’t do as they say. About 160,000 children skip school every day for fear of being assaulted and bullied. Furthermore some strong children like to show their power and dominate the others, because they have an inferiority complex or some personal unhappiness.

Actually, there are many other reasons why children are showing reluctance to attend schools. For examples, the major part of modern generation are very lazy today.

Type Of Bulling

They prefer to stay at home to go to school. Although many teachers do not have a way with children. They are often unjust of kids and take strong measures to them. Moreover our schools don’t provide interesting and educational teaching for pupils. Children hate school because in school they are not free , they sometimes are bored and distracted on the lessons.

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In conclusion, I would like to say that it is necessary for schools implement a comprehensive anti-bullying program. We should pay more attention to our children and coordinated with their interests. They have a right to enjoy their schooldays. Sveta Zaichkina

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