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Bt Corn Lab Report Paper

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Why was it made? Bit corn was produced to combat the species of caterpillar pest called Lepidopterist. It was made to take care of one of these types of caterpillars specifically, the European corn borer. Bit corn is made to include the gene from Bacillus trustworthiness. This bacterium lives naturally in soil. It produces a toxin that becomes a pesticide. Bit corn can produce this type of pesticide in its pollen. (Para 1). How is it made? When Bit corn is made the producers use a specific protein that was found in the soil bacterium, Bacillus thirstiness, as previously stated.

They found and isolated the gene that produces the protein that is needed to make seeds that will become poisonous to the pests without having to use pesticide. This is how Smog, genetically modified organisms, are created. In the case of Bit corn the protein is called Bit Delta Indention. (Bessie, 1999 Revised 2004, p. L). Where is it used? According to the Sad’s Agricultural Research Service, as cited in Sears et all’s 2001 study, 28% of crops that are found in areas from eastern Kansas/Nebraska to western New York, are planted with corn.

As of 2001, 26% of the corn fields landed in North America use various Bit corn seeds. (Para 1). Hypothesis Corn exposed to no European Corn Borers (CB) will yield the most; corn exposed to few borers will yield less, corn exposed to more borers will yield the least. Golden Crop with High infestation will have the lowest yield of all, and BIT 456 with no infestation will have the highest yield. i. E. The lower the BIT and higher the infestation, the lower the yield; The higher the BIT and the lower the infestation the higher the yield. Materials: Golden Crop (non-BIT crop) seeds BIT 123 Corn seeds BIT 456 Corn seeds

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Super Harvest (non-BIT crop) seeds 2 Planter Chambers 6 pots 1 scale 6 weighing dishes 4 jars of low CB infestation 4 jars of high CB infestation Procedure: ** Assume soil and nutrient conditions, water amount, and light conditions remains adequate throughout experiment. Step 1: Prepare your 6 pots with fresh soil and nutrients. After all 6 are ready for planting, place 3 in each of the 2 grow chambers. Step 2: Choose the Golden Crop (non-BIT crop) seeds and plant them in all 6 pots in the 2 growing chambers. Label each pot with the specific seed variety name.

Step 3: In growing chamber , allow no infestation to be present. In growing chamber 2, empty 1 jar of low CB infestation. Step 4: Close both chamber doors. Step 5: Allow the Golden Harvest (non-BIT crop) seeds to grow in the chambers for 140 days. Step 6: On day 140, open the chamber doors and evaluate the fully grown plants. Step 7: Carefully remove 1 ear of corn from the plant in the first pot in chamber 1. Step 8: Remove all kernels from this ear of corn and place them on one of the 6 weighing dishes. Step 9: Place the weighing dish with the kernels on the scale and record the yield.

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