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Brown v. Board of education Essay

Essay Topic:

Thurgood Marshall was a man with strong social convictions for human rights.His teacher, Charles Hamilton Houston, implied this upon him.The case of Brown vs. the Board of Education, Topeka, Kansas was a case about black rights and would eventually become a landmark case in the early 1900s.The case was actually a mixture of four cases in one.
Charles Houston was a black lawyer, the best there was.He felt blacks were being discriminated against due to a case known as Plessy vs. Ferguson.This case said segregation is legal, as long as facilities are equal.It also considered segregation not to be considered a form of discrimination.Houston believed this "dragon" had to be killed.To do this, he needed to destroy Plessy.The best way to do this, Houston believed, was in schools, as they affected nearly everyone in the United States.
He took one of his best law students to South Carolina to document school conditions in the South.In one county under the "separate but equal" ruling, a black elementary school's facilities would not provide books for black students.They used old books thrown away by the white schools.The county wouldn't provide anything to the school but the teacher's salary.
In another school under the same ruling in Chester, South Carolina, there were 68 black students crammed into one room.There were ten books, no desks, and no equipment.The total amount of spending money given to the black school was $628.00 a year.In the white school of the same town, there were only 32 students to a room.They were also given $332,000 a year for spending money, plus equipment, desks, and books.
Though there seemed to be enough evidence in elementary schools to start a court case, blacks were not willing to stand up for their rights or the rights of their children.Houston decided to start with cases in graduate law schools.Winning a case of this proportion wou…

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