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British Taxation Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Boston Tea Party

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British taxes in the Americas began in 1651 starting with the Navigation Acts. Most of the taxation started because of the war debts of England and the colonists revolts against the king.The taxes were a way to collect money of goods traded in the Americas from other countries.Their were several acts passed by the British Parliament to impose taxes.These acts made colonists angry and caused many disputes.One famous is the Boston Tea Party incident in Boston Harbor.There many pounds of taxed tea were tossed into the bay.This was the start of many revolts of colonists against the British. Atfirst colonists just responded with mixed feelings toward the taxation of goods coming in to the Americas.Many felt that there should be “no taxation without representation”.The colonists wanted to have a vote in the British Parliament if they were to be taxed for their goods.This caused bitterness between the colonists and Great Britain.As result of these tensions rebellions broke out and their were some fatalities. British Parliament and the king started to worry about a war so they sent more troops to enforce the taxes and hold back rebellions.This caused more tension and eventually Thefirst of these Acts passed by Parliament and enforced by the King was the Navigation Acts of 1651.These Acts stated that: 1.No countries were allowed to trade with the colonies unless the goods were shipped by colonial or British ships.This was because this offered more jobs for sailors and made sure the profits went to England. 2.All ships had to have crews that were at least three-quarters English or colonial.This ensured Britain was keeping the money and that if there were disputes between countries at that time no one aboard would rebel against the captain. 3.The colonies had to export certain goods to England only.These goods were:tobacco and sugar and la…

British Taxation

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