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British Revolution Essay

In the 18th Century, the colonies gained its independence from Britain through a rebellion involving the colonies of the most dominant nations of that present time. Although known as the American Revolution throughout the world, it was actually a British Revolution in many ways rather than an American Revolution. The British colonial policies were more responsible for the final political division than were actions taken by the colonists. As the British played a larger role in the final political division in America due to their taxing, governing and military action in America from 1763 to 1775, the colonies gained their independence.
Due to the French and Indian War, Britain was now burdened with a gigantic debt from borrowing money for the war. As the war did involve the colonies and was for their protection, taxes on various things were placed. Parliament did not expect to pay the entire debt however they expected that a large amount should be contributed from the colonies to raise a garrison in the colonies. The colonists saw no reason for this and immediately revolted. The idea of boycotting imported items or anything with taxes soon became popular among the colonists. Now the British began to order the navy to enforce the Navigation Acts upon the colonists. Soon the Sugar Act was instated and the colonists protested and the tax was soon repelled. More than ever, the colonists declared that British Parliament had no right to pass taxes to raise revenue in the colonies. Had Britain found a way to pay off its own debts and not worry about raising a garrison in the colonies, the colonies would still be under the rule of King George.
After the French and Indian War, the British were not really needed in America and their governing policy took a drastic change. Before the colonies really started to protest, Britain placed a salutary neglect on the colonies giving them more freedom and allowing them to get away with minimal go…

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