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British National Identity Essay

Essay Topic:

Chris Waters in "Dark Strangers" and George Orwell in "The Lion and the Unicorn,"address the topic of national identity before and after wartime England.However, they address the topic in two very different ways.Orwell takes a more cynical approach, referring tonational identity in England as essentially a class identity, whereas, Waters addresses the topic in terms of racial identity as the defining terms of national identity in England during and after the war.Waters often speaks of an imagined community or and imagined national identity when referring to Britain.Orwell doesn't bring up these exact terms, but he does imply the same thoughts.Waters and Orwell seem to believe that after the war, national identity will/did crumble.
Although these authors write at different times, and come from different backgrounds, they find a common means by which the people of England form a national identity.They attribute the formation of these identities to the role of the government, popular readings, radio, etc.However, in Orwell, national identity coincides with class whereas in Waters, national identity coincides with race.
The two articles were written at very different times in history.Orwell's article was written before the end of the war.He refers to the possibility of the decrease in national identity after the war due to a decrease in class difference.Orwell's opinion of the situation is based on what was actually going on at the time in conjunction with his personal opinions.On the other hand, Waters' article was written after the war and in retrospect. He was able to take in to account previous articles, research and actually history when drawing inferences as to the state of Britain concerning national identity.He attributes the decline of British national identity to the introduction of The Commonwealth and migration into Britain.He blames the role…

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