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Brief History of Math Essay

In my years studying math I've realized that math is essential for life. Having this said, It is quite obvious that math could easily be as old as humanity itself. Prehistoric men has interests in geometric figures in their pottery. As wefirst learn in out toddler years, to count with our fingers, it is almost certain that barbarians (as some call prehistoric men) used this system. And according to the Microsoft® Encarta® encyclopedia there is proof that they based their mathematics on a system of 5, 10 etc.
The earliest records of advanced mathematics come from the cities of Babylonia and Ancient Egypt in 3,000 B.C. The Greeks really advanced humanity in Mathematics. Mathematics like Pythagoras, Hippocrates and Thales who advanced math in an astonishing level.
The level of comprehension that the Greeks had was astonishing. They were thefirst to fully understand the pyramid. The invention of the Pythagorean theorem was brilliant. Great ads to geometry were made. They also began trigonometry.
Islamic Mathematics date back to ninth century A.D, Indian people were already performing algebra problems. Muslims also expanded the theory of numbers, and explained many ways of solving equations. They were also responsible for the expansion of Math in the West (to Europe).
The Renaissance Mathematics was a period of many great discoveries. For one, Infinity had begun to be used in the end of the 15th century and beginning of the 16th century (A.D of coarse).There was also discoveries of algebraic solutions to cubic and quadratic equations. The Renaissance also gave way to the beginning of algebraic symbolism: a + b = c. Also great developments in the next century by Sir Isaac Newton from England.
In the 17th century many new great steps for math were made. For starters, the probability theory was made, and later proven. Sir Isaac Newton, as well as some other mathematicians made the creation of calculus., and dif…

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