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“Breaking Dawn” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “Breaking Dawn”

The book is a continuation of the story of love ordinary girl Bella Swan and vampire Edward Cullen. The narrative in it is carried out not only on behalf of Bella, but also on behalf verovolfa Jacob.

The book tells about the fate of Bella and Edward. After the wedding, the young people go on a honeymoon to the island of Esme. Despite the fact that the young Mrs. Cullen is still the man to whom physical intimacy with a vampire is very dangerous for many reasons (including those due to excessively Edward force), it still manages to convince the doubting and feared for the safety of his wife of Edward the physical connection again and again. But the young people did not know that the union of man and vampire can lead to the birth of a child – half-vampire. Part, which tells about the pregnancy of Bella, written on behalf of her friend Jacob, who had to choose between his love for the flock, and the girl is going to become one of his enemies. This part describes in detail the physical torment Bella, Rosalie protection, so fiercely defended this unknown creature inside of Bella, Edward, and mental anguish. The situation is complicated not only by the fact that the child sucks the life inside his mother, and Bella is on the verge of life and death, but also the fact that no one knows what kind of creature that child-mixture. Only Bella and Rosalie are confident in the fact that the child has to live, despite the fact that the whole flock verovolfov except Jake and Seth, they want it, and Bellini’s death. At the moment of birth almost kills Bella, but Edward makes her a vampire in time. Their daughter was born poluvampir-poluchelovek (Dampier), which received the name Renesmee. Jacob, who wanted to first kill the creature, imprinted with her. Due to the unprecedented self-control, Bella is not like an ordinary vampire convert: it can control your emotions and control its thirst. But they are overtaken by a new danger. The Volturi that Renesmee is decided normal vampire, go to war against them: make babies not allowed vampires. But the Cullen family manages to gather witnesses, and the whole flock verovolfov unites with vampires-vegetarians. Bella opens her gift – the shield that protects the brain from its other vampire action. She learned how to protect them not only themselves, but also for all who are near. Therefore, she manages to save his family from Jane and Alec, while Alice gives living proof of harmlessness of Renesmee – Nahuel .

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