Boy In Striped Pajamas Essay

In John Boyne’s novel “The Boy In The Striped Pajamas”, it is proved that evil tends to arise out of the tendency of ordinary people to follow orders, to accept what their told by authorities, and to conform. The characters effectively show how influencing a conception can be by the exaggerating changes of their behavior and speech. When Bruno had asked about the people on the other side of the fence, his father had explained in a way Bruno could not understand.

“Those people… well, they’re not people at all. In the novel, Bruno’s father, Ralph takes position as a caring father, a responsible husband, and a trustworthy son. However, his career seemed to disappoint his loved ones, particularly his mother and wife. Ralph had always bonded nicely with Jews before the war, but after being educated by the fuhrer’s thinking, he had changed in a way no one could understand. Even the maid was puzzled by thinking how a kind man like Ralph could end up doing such horrible things.

The fuhrer’s conceptions not only effected the minds of adults, but also the thinking of young teenagers.

When Bruno tried to ask Gretel why there was a fence between him and the people in the striped pajamas, Gretel simply laughed. “ Because they have to be kept together with the other jews, Bruno. They can’t mix with us. ” Gretel was taught to dislike Jews, without knowing the specific reasoning. Like most people, Gretel did not know what exactly was happening.

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People agree with whatever they are told, simply because it is what the majority is doing. In conclusion, people are influenced easily, including believing conceptions that are leading to evil results.

The Boy In The Striped Pajamas Book Review Essay

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