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Boxing Match Fight Night Essay

Theres nothing more satisfying than bonding with your family through a sporting event. Many things can bring a family together. Boxing happens to be one of those events that leave long lasting memories and plenty to talk about at family reunions, at least for the men in my family. This past Saturday the men in my family got together for one of LA’s greatest boxing fights in its rich boxing history. The morning started off with my mother in the kitchen getting things ready to make her signature shrimp soup.Its been a family favorite since I can remember. I woke as soon as the aroma of fresh shrimp hit me. Its as if I were hanging out at the Seattle fish market and the scent of freshly caught fish filled the house. It doesn’t sound appealing but it wasn’t long before we all gathered around the table and feasted on delicious shrimp and broth with a spicy kick that made you teary but so good you couldn’t stop eating.

The ride to the event was a short one but we still managed to have what seemed like an hour long debate over who was going to win the fight. Everyone expressed their opinions. We turned into boxing analysts and like the great Harold Letterman, we all gave our “Keys to Victory” analysis. In the end though, we all knew we were going to witness a great fight no matter who was going to be victorious. All the talk and predictions about the fight filled the air with excitement.Like little kids in Christmas waiting to open their gifts, we couldn’t wait to get to the show. After all, an actioned packed fight was waiting for us at the Mecca of all LA sporting events, The Staples Center.

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As I made my way to my seat, I was reminded of why I am such a big boxing fan.I was star struck when I saw the 13,109 in attendance (Akopyan) sitting at their seat eager to watch the first punches thrown. The first few fights we’re mainly up-and-coming boxers. My hometown native, Paul Mendez, made his Staples Center debut and he did not dis…

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