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Boring Essay

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The three stories that are to be discussed contrast in several different ways. The stories of Bruce Evans, and Jean Crawley, differ from those of Grant McRae for several different reasons.The stories of Bruce and Jean had a view of home life during the war as well as a view of a soldier who fought on the ground.Grant McRae's story was that of an air force soldier who did little work on the ground.Bruce's story was one of bravery as they marched across Europe in an attempt to free it from the Nazis hold, while Grant told a story of being locked away in a POW camp.The final way that the stories were different is that Jean and Bruce had stories that were filled with fact and locations, were as, Grant didn't teach he just reminisced, and it was written down. Ultimately all three veterans tell different stories, this shows us that although they fought in the same war there were many different aspects to it.
When Bruce's told his story it was one of triumph.He began by telling the class about how he became a soldier and his training, but ultimately the bulk of his story came when he entered combat in Normandy.Bruce spun tails of heroics of taking out the German gunners and taking that part of France for the allies. His story continued to the liberation of Holland from the Germans and the wonderful welcome that they received from the Dutch.His story concluded with his march into Germany were he heard that the war was over, and he returned to Holland got rid of his armaments, and was treated like a hero by the Dutch.Jean's story is another story of bravery.Jean told tales of how the women were brave enough to enlist in to the armed services. She spoke of how these women were willing to risk their lives in order to protect their homeland from air raids done by the Germans, risking their own lives by shinning lights on the planes, making them vulnerable to bombing.Grant told a very different story. …

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