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Book Review – Twilight Essay

First of all, I must say that this book sucks. It is not polite thing to say, but it is true. I hate it. I love romance, teenage love, high school, but Stephenie Meyer had everything overstated in Twilight. Vampires, ability to read minds, vampire who falls in love with human and doesn’t kill her, his sparkling body, werewolves… It is too much for me.

Plot is terrible. The new girl came in town, everyone likes her, and she is beautiful and can date almost every boy in school. But no! She falls in love with the weirdest, although gorgeous, boy in the school, who doesn’t like her at all, in the beginning. He doesn’t like her because he is a vampire and he wants to kill her, drink her blood but eventually he falls in love with her. They started dating but they cannot even kiss each other because he is attracted to her blood, scent, whatever… And he cannot control himself. But it turns out that he is one of good vampires, so is his family. They don’t drink human blood, but animal. So Edward introduces her with his family and they go to the baseball game. She is noticed by some other vampire who wants to drink her blood and kill her and here is drama. Edward?s family tries to keep her save, but she is stupid enough to run away from them to meet her potential killer. Maybe she thought that he is going to let her live if she is obedient, I don’t know. But it was stupid anyway. It reminded me of scene in bad horror movie, where someone is in the house and tries to kill a girl. And that girl still comes out of her room like she can kill him and save herself and goes literally into her death. But at the end, Bella is rescued by her boyfriend and taken to the prom where she expresses the desire to become a vampire so that she can stay with him forever. I mean, what normal person would choose to be bitten by a vampire and drink blood, human or animal, forever?!

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Characters are also presented in a bad way. It is typical for high…

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