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Book review on the cold war by mike sewell Essay

For 50 years the world was dominated by two superpowers. The cold war was a confrontation between the United States and Soviet Union, with the belief that the ideology of the other side had to be destroyed. The Soviet Union believed that the conflict between capitalism and communism was inevitable. The United States believed that peace and stability in the world would only emerge when the evil of communism was abolished.
The cold war was a significant era in the history of the world as it shapes the economic, political and the ideological world today. Mike Sewell's The Cold War thoroughly covers all stages of this era chronologically, from its origins, the confrontation between the powers and the collapse of the communist party in the early 1990's throughout seven sections.
One of the positive aspects of reading the cold war is that it is based on a monograph therefore confined to the study of one topic. Whereas reading a book like world history since 1945, by jack Watson may give you broader knowledge of a longer period however it does not go into depth about each topic so the reader is only left with basic knowledge about the particular topic. The vocabulary used by mike Sewell is straightforward which is a positive aspect due to the reason that its is a core textbook at a-level history therefore it is more accessible to a wider audience, as well as students who are more able to understand. As a student, this book may be helpful for the reason that it provides questions at the end of each chapter regarding what has just been discussed. This can be seen to be a positive aspect during revision of the topic.
The cold war is crucial era in history and many writers have written and commented on the time, mostly with conflicting views. Mike Sewell has based most of his writing on previous books. At the beginning of each chapter he allows the reader to be aware of these references by providing footnotes to back up his op

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