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Book in 2984 Essay

Today is September 13, 2004. One item I would bury which will give the archaeologist in the year 2894 some insight into our culture is a book.
A book is a bound of object with pages was invented by the Ancient Romans. Early on the Romans people call it "codex". It is made of leaves of papyrus, with writing on both sides. It appeared thefirst time between about 100 BC and AD 100. It did not come into common use until sometime between AD 150 and AD 200.
I would bury a book because it is such an old item. By the time 890 years later, I think people will not use book anymore. It is a heavy thing to carry on. In that time people would only carry with them their laptops or something that will cover all of their information on it. For example, a student in 2894 goes to school, and the only thing he carries with him is a small computer laptop. On that computer there is all of the sources or information his teacher give him for the whole school year. He would type the notes the teacher given him. He even doesn't have to carry on his notebooks also, and maybe pens are useless by that time.
A secret place I will choose to bury the books would be somewhere near Rome. If some archaeologists find it and want to know insight of the book they will look at Rome as the place where the book was born and died. When the archaeologist fined the books, they might think this is an uncommon item and very precious. I think when I have children I will encourage them to save books and give it to their children and grandchildren…etc

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