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Essay Examples on Boer war Paper

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1st Essay Sample on boer war

Comment on the “Imperial ideal” in the context of Britain at the end of the nineteenth century. 1.Britain was by the end of the nineteenth century a major power, which also included countries such as France, Russia etc.Britain had the largest empire in the world and her economy had the biggest output.Her navy was exceptionally large and advanced compared with other states.She was dominant in wars such as the Crimean War and was seen as a role model that other countries looked up to. The attitude of the British public was that of superiority and believed their culture should be spread across the world.They believed that they were thefirst race in the world, and that the more of the world they inhabited the better it was for the human race.They felt they had the right to intervene ie Britain tried to take control of south Africa from the Boers as they not only wanted to spread their empire through Africa but it was a stopping point for ships travelling to India for trade. 2)Explain why Britain’s experience of the Boer War led to her coming out of splendid isolation between 1899 and 1904 Splendid isolation is closely associated with Lord Salisbury who felt that Britain should keep out of foreign policies and keep to themselves.He felt that Britain should make no alliances or close relationships with any particular country.This created areputation held by other states as Britain being very arrogant.This period of isolation was between 1895 and 1902.It can be argued that the Boer War was a cause of splendid isolation ending.The reason Britain went to war with the Boers was not only to do with control over the natives but the discovery of gold. Britains declaration of war was seen by the British public as a means of protecting their vital economic interests and stamping british authority in the region.

2nd Essay Sample on boer war

The British Rise to Power In South Africa The people of South Africa will forever mark the ANGLO-BOER WAR of 1899-1902 as one of South Africa’s most significant events. Though nick named a “white man’s war” research later proved that all of Africa’s inhabitants including its black “neutral” occupants were affected both directly and indirectly by the events of the war. On October11th, 1899, war broke out between the two former republics (the Orange Free State and Transvaal) and Britain. As tensions rose and the war escalated Britain brought reinforcements from Australia, New Zealand, and Canada as well as several volunteers from other British colonies. The war lasted three years, and the casualties for both sides were astronomical.

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Tensions were on the rise in the preceding years, but what caused the Boers and Britain to come to sudden blows? The following essay will look at the events and causes that led to war, the battles(briefly), the victims, and the events that followed the war. Evidence will show that Britains “capitalist and imperialistic”attitudes set the stage for the unavoidable conflict. And that Britain was not fighting to end oppression, they were in fact jockeying their position to become the oppressor. In the late 19th century two very different political ideologies occupied South Africa. Britain held true to its ideas of “imperialism,” while its African counterparts believed in the new found feelings of “Afrikaner nationalism.” Britain aspired to unify South Africa under the British flag.

This conflicting ideology created tensions, and made the Transvaal and the Orange Free State a stumbling block for the aggressive European superpower.On the other hand, the two South African Republics led by Prime Minister Kruger, wanted to preserve their independence while turning their republics into regional forces.

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