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Body Modifications Essay

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In china foot binding was very popular from the late 10th century onward to the mid -20th century. It was there culture to have small feet, between the ages of two- five years old the parents will perform foot binding on their daughter. It was done at a young age because the arch of the foot wasn’t fully developed as yet. The painful process was done to prevent further growth. Chinese men were attracted by the tiny narrow foot, which was known as the “golden lotus”. It may not sound like a body modification but it is and was very popular to the Chinese culture. Another example of cultural modification is piercing.

Back In the 17th century a male wore earrings to show he was a pirate. Tribes across Africa, Southeast Asia, north and South America and Ethiopia participated In lip piercing. It was done to enlarge their lips to accommodate a large plate. Another reason for body modification Is one religious belief. The earliest evidence of tattoo began 2000 BC in ancient Egypt. In the Philippines tattooing to some was a form of rank or accomplishments and to others they believed it had magical qualities. In Japan tattooing was for spiritual and decorative reasons dating as far back 10,000 BCC.

The Ancient Egyptians and Romans perform plastic cosmetic surgery for religious reasons. The Romans perform such surgeries like repairing damage ears in the 1st century SC. In India branding is done to show religious initiation and symbolizes membership to a particular spiritual group. Also in India the females place a bind in the middle of their foreheads because it’s one of their religious beliefs. It Is done only to those ladles that are married. At the College of The Bahamas the male fraternity brands their skin to show membership to that group.

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Lastly, people modify their body for physical and cosmetic enhancements such as cosmetic/plastic surgery which is now very popular among teens and adults. You will find people getting cosmetic surgery to delay aging effects which cost thousands of dollars to be done. Persons also get surgery on their nose, stomach, breast and hips just to change their body most of the time to enhance their sexual appearance. However, some get the surgery because either they was born with a disintegration or as in an accident and probably needed a surgery done on their nose.

Cosmetic surgery is done for reconstructive reasons and for fashion reasons. The American society of plastic surgeons discovered a few reasons why teens and adults participate in cosmetic surgery. Teens said it’s a way to fit in and to look acceptable to friends and peers. Whereas, on the other hand adults said It’s a way to stand out from the crowd. Plastic surgery Is done to boost ones confidence and self- esteem. Celebrates can have effects on their fans; well superstars can also have an effect on their fans.

For It example, a person malign want to nave ten curve Ana snaps Like Kill Grassland, so a tiny or slim girl will go out and get implants. In today’s society we now have numbers of technology that can perform any type of plastic surgery. In today’s society males and females are participating in physical enhancements. Such as altering their skin color, placing weave in their hair and getting implants. Now days people find bleaching attractive for both male and female. From the text “drowning, Bimbos and other drivers of Underdevelopment” by Glenda Simms speaks about the dies changing their skin color to attract the guys.

She also mentions how the ladies want to have children with light skin male. This is done because their aim is to have a “pretty pickier’ which is a pretty girl that will grow up to be a fine lady that could participate in beauty contests. Simms also spoke about the youths bleaching their skin so that they can be accepted in the front office of a store uptown or downtown. In concluding, body modification will continue to go on because it apart of one’s religious or cultural belief, or like I mention Just for physical, sexual and cosmetic enhancements.

Babies are modified when they are only a couple days old, when the parents take them to get their ears pierce or to get a surgery on a cleft lip. As the parents you are already getting them involved in body modifications because to the parents it’s cute for the baby girl or baby boy to have an earring. We are not to Judge those persons involved in the modification of the body because it’s always a reason for them doing it. Here’s my question to you, are you going to get tattoo, piercing or plastic surgery because you’re not satisfy with your appearance?

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