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Bob Dixon Essay

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Paper type: Essay

Bob Dixon owns a small Theatre in Woodford Green, it is called “Woodford Green Theatre”. His theatre is not the best in London but it is highly rated. He has 1 theatre and hosts 1 show every month. His theatre may be quite small but it is old and worth a lot of money, a lot of the theatre has been refurbished and made more modern, but the only thing still not up to date is his way of working.. Since he opened the theatre he has used a paper based system for everything. He has used it for financial records and writing out the tickets and everything in between. He needs a computer to, have an automated system of seating, and to keep record of booked tickets and seats.

Problem Identified

The problem with Bob’s way of keeping record is that he uses a paper based system and he has to file this all the time, if he loses one piece of paper he can be really be in trouble. On a paper based system he has to calculate on his own, if he changes a number he will have to re-do the whole sheet again. And if he loses something he will not be able to get an accurate result in any area and this could mean that he thinks he has a profit when he actually has a loss. If he keeps his paper based system he will have a lot of trouble in the future and will find it hard to show his records.

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If he keeps the paper based system then he possibly may need to employ a new person just for his paperwork. This would mean he has to spend more than necessary. I think this could become a bigger problem as time goes on. Bob has heard of mail merge, mail merge has many advantages so I can see why he would want it, it means he does not need to write all of the letters on his own like he does now, he an use mail merge to automatically send the same message to many people quickly. Bob would also like to use it to send vital information to customers who wish to see it, critics and news papers who wish to write about him and his theatre.

Another problem that Bob has found is that, the member of staff who is in charge of the ticket booking has walked along and a booking for 4 or 5 tickets has fallen out of the folder and she did not realise and none has told her, so she looked back and she has 4 or 5 tickets missing from the order and she re-sells the tickets to other people and then she then has 2 sets of people arriving for the same tickets and then has to refund the money and the theatre will then get bad publicity.

Bob uses a filing cabinet system to store his paperwork. This is not good, they can collapse and they have a limited amount of space in them. This means he will have to either get rid of all his older paperwork, which is never clever, or spend even more money on more and more filing cabinets this is just a waste of money he could use on more important things and trying to get the theatre looking its best and costume and makeup for shows. When in the long run a computer based system will be cheaper.

Bob uses paper to file everything including his stock levels, this could be bad, he could lose track or miss calculate how much in coming in and going out this could end up with Bob not knowing if he has profit or loss.

He writes every address out by hand which takes up a lot of unnecessary time.

He works everything out in his head or on the calculator which is also time consuming, and can lead to incorrect results.

In conclusion he needs to upgrade or he will never be able to have a 100% accurate reading of any data and he uses up all his time which he needs, in order to make sure the theatre is running correctly. Bob is going to upgrade and use a computer based system and then finally have time to spend on his running of the theatre.

Problem Solutions

Advantages and disadvantages of each of the software

Microsoft Word

Microsoft word offers my user share trading activities:

1. It can record information like names in a table that is clearly set out. This is an advantage to Bob because he can see all the customers and their details easily and quick, this is good for finding out any information they need in a quick and stressful situation.

2. Can receive guidance when writing a business letter to the tax office (or mail merge in some tasks) this is an advantage because he can now have more time to do more important tasks and leave the letters to the computer.

3. Can create promotional posters with graphics. This is help bring in business for Bob.

Microsoft word lacks:

1. Bob can not count the number of banking shares that he holds.

2. Bob can not calculate how many days that the he has held a particular share.

3. Bob can not put all shares into ranking to compare their performances.

4. Bob can not hold formulas at any point that are able to work.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft access offers my user:

1. Mail merge, Microsoft access allows Bob to save the addresses and have them automatically send to that address.

2. Access contains Wizards that walk Bob through each step of the way. Bob does not need to have database experience in order to use it.

3. Bob may build as many unrelated databases as he’d like.

Microsoft access cannot offer my user:

1. Microsoft Access is not meant to have multiple users at any given time. While it can support them, problems with functionality can pop up.

2. All the information from Bob’s database is saved into one file – this can limit what you can do with it and slow down reports, queries, and forms.

3. Access is a simple database, not a full-fledged database management system.

4. Each database can store no more than 2 GB of data.

5. Since Microsoft Access cannot handle large data requests, if you are using close to the maximum amount of data, it will run slowly

Open Office Calc

A comparison with Microsoft open office calc and Microsoft excel:

1. Open a previously created MS Excel spread sheet with Calc. I found absolutely no errors in opening the file. There were no special translation messages. The Excel spread sheet simply opened in an Open Office Calc window. All formulas and other formatting and features translated over fine as well. This will help Bob because they are easy to open making it efficient for Bob.

2. I have made extensive use of Excel formula capabilities, and found that pretty much anything I wanted to do, I could duplicate in Calc. This will be good for Bob to back up all his work.

3. The process of formatting cells was basically the same as in Excel. The menu options were substantially the same. I was able to define text cells, currency, and number of decimal places, Wrap Text and other functions with no problem. This is helpful for Bob because I can do all this for him before he gets the spreadsheet and he will not have to do it himself.

4. I use heavy and thin borders, and like to select my own colors for shading and backgrounds. Calc offers only one line thickness and one line color (Black). This means Bob can customise the mil merge designs easier.

5. Creating a Data Range proved fairly simple I did have a bit of trouble figuring out how to remove it and create the range I wanted.

The disadvantages in my investigation between open office calc and excel:

1. I did discover that there were some slight differences in how formulas were structured. For example, in an Excel If statement the format is ” =if(A1=10,1,0)” meaning if cell A1 equals 10 then put 1 in the target cell, otherwise put a zero in the target cell.

In Calc the same formula is written “=if(A1=10;1;0)”

2. One thing I did find disconcerting was Calc’s propensity zip across the spread sheet too quickly. It flew up, down, left or right, if I happened to need to extend the graph target to a point that was off the screen. Once it hits the edge of the visible cells, it takes off like a rocket.

3. In Excel, if you highlight a cell and hit the delete key, the data in the cell is deleted. In Calc, the same operation will generate a pop up menu that give you multiple options for deleting.

I initially found this to be an irritant, though I can see that it could be handy. Excel uses different delete options to provide the same functionality.

Microsoft Excel

The advantages of Microsoft Excel:

1. Once you have entered the formula that is needed, you can keep changing the data and it will keep calculating for you without you having to do anything.

2. Bob can use functions for example, IF, Average, Min and Max.

3. He can use Mail merge, create graphs, use formatting, validations and Macros

4. Excel files can be password protected for extra security. A user can create a password through Visual Basic programming or directly within the Excel file.

The disadvantages of Microsoft Excel:

1. Users must create subset directories for data management. Excel data can be lost when the application is broken down into many files.

2. Viruses can be attached to an Excel file through macros. Macros are mini programs that are written into an Excel spread sheet.

Solution Description

The solution to his problem is just simply Excel. Excel provides so many helpful ways of keeping your data safe, laid out clearly and hard to completely lose. This program is specialised in spreadsheets. This will help Bob make sure he has all his data clearly set out and Excel also provides him with being able to send any important information to his business partner Steven through ‘mail merge’ (the mail merge tool in Microsoft word allows you to print a series of standard letters or documents with particular details(such as names and addresses) changed on each one. The details which are to be merged into each letter are typically read from an external file such as an Excel spreadsheet or an Access database). Mail merge is better than just typing addresses into the word document individually; it is better this way because it saves time and effort. At the moment he sends out over 100 people a month that would take ages to type out, it also reduces the mistakes possible to make. Bob will be able to access any data a lot quicker now than he could before there are many applications on Excel, like, the SUM button () for example, this button is an easier way to add, find the average, find the maximum and find the minimum of any data in the spreadsheet. Another good thing about Excel is that it will always be on your computer as long as it is running okay because you do not need the internet to access it. There is only one minor problem and that is that you have to pay to have Excel, either when you buy your computer and you ask for it, if you buy the excel package or if you pay for it on the internet. This is a program that is worth the money because once Bob has it he will not stop using it until he gives up his shop. This is the best possible solution for Bob at this stage and he will find himself in an easier placement when he has to show his fanatical history to anyone.

Chosen Solution

My chosen solution for this project is Microsoft Excel

Compared to other possible solutions, what are its advantages?

Unlike Open Office Calc, Bob Dixon can open, amend and save work without any problems in Excel on most computers. Access is helpful for Bob Dixon to store information about each share; however, Bob will not be able to find out the total profit/ loss he has made on his shares in Access.

Microsoft Excel offers many features which Bob Dixon will find it very helpful. For example, all shares can be put into ranking according to their performances; functions such as average can be used to calculate the overall performance to the shares. Can be used to calculate the overall performance of the shares. I am planning to use graphs and charts to show data, conditional formatting and absolute cell reference.

Quantitative Objectives

Excel is a program that will help, it will be able to:

� It is easier to look at and understand (clearly set out) this is useful to Bob because it will make it is easier to navigate around the spreadsheet.

� If the show is making �10,000 a month the spreadsheet will say “Rich!”, it does this through ‘IF’ statements, these will show the reader of the spread sheet in one word(by working it out) whether they are making a “profit” or a “loss” or even “break even” . This will help Bob because he will be able to quickly take a glance at the spreadsheet and know if he is going to have to make changes or not. Plus he can see what needs improvement.

� The spreadsheet can be colourful; it can use the colours of the organisation. This will help Bob because it will stand out and look professional.

� Mail merge is a good way to share any dates, prices or conformations to many people in one quick click.

� In the spreadsheet he can use goal seek, this will tell Bob how many tickets he will need to sell to make a certain amount of money, for example if the tickets cost �50 each, and he needs to make a minimum of �2000 the goal seek will tell him he needs to sell 400 tickets. This benefits Bob because he can see if he has any seats left to book.

� V lookup will do the same as an IF statement but it will provide him with as many statements as he needs where IF statements he can only have a maximum of three statements. This can mean they he could have more information shown in a smaller space.

Performance indicators

Excel is fit for purpose; it will fulfill the needs of the task. This software will be the easiest to use in this particular case because it meets the needs of the user. Bob will be able to easily work it using my user guide attached to this document. This software will also be set out in the easiest format for the company and making sure it fits the needs of the theatre. Excel will be able to do much more automatic functions than other software making it quicker and easier to use. Bob will not have to do much or spend a lot of time typing up data.

See the attached sheets labelled Initial Designs.

See attached Inputs, outputs and processors booklet.

123 Mystreet


W1 333

Friday 19th March 2010

23 Eastlake Street


NW12 4FT

Dear Abygail Hobday

Thank you for sending me your Initial Designs. I have viewed them and I would like you to make the following changes if it is possible:-

Firstly I would like to have a homepage before your that is just our logo going into our spreadsheet. If that’s is possible then that would be great. Also can we have a colour background on all pages.


1. I would like to suggest that the title is in Word Art

2. I would like you to have the macros a different shape, the circle is to boring

3. Would you be able to put the dates of the shows on this page please.

4. Could we have a part showing how many tickets we have sold so far.

5. could the macros be, program setup, view seating plan and send tickets customer details.

Customer details

1. there are no real problems with this page, however can we have something that stops me putting in incorrect data.

Program setup

1. Would you be able to put in a print button.

2. Can you indicate that it is the title at the top of the page

Stalls seating ; dress circle seating

1. can you make the seats go another colour to show that they have been booked

Also, Can you have a automatic system that I can send emails from me to my customers on the computer.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Bob Dixon

Managing director and owner of Woodford Green Theatre


The hardware in Bob’s office will need to include a keyboard for the user to type in any necessary information, a mouse so the user can navigate around the spreadsheet. A printer so that Bob can print of any price lists or customers names, Bob will need to have a scanner so he can scan his logo into the computer any other pictures he would like. Bob will need a camera to take pictures of his shows he will also need a fax machine so that he can send his business partner Steven all of the paper work, finally he will need the desktop package. Symantec Norton 360 Version 3.0 All-in-one Security. Bob would also have to buy a printer he will need one with a scanner and a fax machine in it. Having a printer with the other machines included saves money. Bob is going to need to back up his spreadsheet and he will need to buy a external DVD writer, this is because his spreadsheet is small so he will not need to have a massive backup.


The software that Bob is going to need includes, Norton anti virus, this will allow Bob to block any viruses that may try to enter his computer, a virus can enter his computer from any ware, most likely from emails or the internet. He will also need to have the main program which is excel he will have to have the newest update (windows 7) and he will need the full professional version because he has not got any software on his computer yet.

My personal tick list to make sure I have fulfilled all of the quantive objectives.

* Clearly to understand

* if statements

* colours on spreadsheet

* mail merge

* goal seeks

* v lookup

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