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“Blocked opening. In Hell ’24” Review Paper

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Essay on “Blocked opening. In Hell ’24”

What took place in a highly immoral. A father, so he did to his daughter, with his flesh and blood. As he thought of everything, every detail. In general, it is very strange where watched his wife do her no questions, which disappeared daughter, and he came up with the bike all swallowed. But his wife knew that he was prone to violence. I think she guessed what was going on, but she was so frightened by this tyrant that has decided not to get involved. Too strange woman her child was gone, God knows where the news and she does not even try to find her. Just appear tossed children and another bike Josef passes. How to be naive. This alone suggests that something is wrong. How people can be indifferent to each other. After ’24 it is not short term. And no one asked too many questions, because it is delivered to both the products and the electricity too winded. And nobody did nothing in order to know that what is going on. Sometimes we own lives can not understand that we have to others, do you think the majority of people. And all prefer not to intervene. But this could happen to anyone. And it is worth to think about it. Smashed his daughter’s life, her children are not born of love hanging over them is a stigma as they adapt, adapt to life. The lives of their warped and do not know how their fate will develop further, whether they will lead a normal life and not be able to adapt themselves to leave closed. I do think that writing a book about the misery of these people are not very nice. Then say that in the book some complicated literary momentum, no. The one who wrote the book is not very trying. Written in the book stretched to 300 pages, in principle, all fit for a good 20 pages. The author writes sloppy, or translating such that if a person did not reflect what the literary style. Apparently the writer did not have specific facts and he thumb the same five times. Anyway all that happen in any book can not write what pain and suffering endured by this unfortunate people.

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