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The first sentence of the summary to this book I still alarming: “Wine can work wonders and new worlds …”. Maybe it’s me so spoiled, but the association is extremely strange. Further annotations author tells about the writer, who had found six old wine bottles, vypivshem them and began to talk with the long-extinct eccentric old-gardener of his past. If you only knew how I was afraid of this description, that the images are born of my violent fantasy! But Joanne Harris apparently much better than me.

Her book has left quite a different feel and aftertaste. I’m still a little drunk it.

In this book, there is a drop of magic. She bewitches. She’s really tasty and fragrant. It is not so fragrant, like “Perfume”, more like “Dandelion Wine” Bradbury. If you are expecting from her rapid developments raging passions, it is not for you. She, like a good wine, it should be enjoyed slowly, savoring every word.

Smells in this book has everything, including the past. “For a moment she thought she heard some kind of smell, strange living aroma of sugar and apples and blackberry jelly and smoke. The smell of nostalgia, and a moment she almost understood why Jay loves this place with its small vineyards, apple and goats that roam the swampy plains. For a moment she again became a little girl and grandmother baking cakes in the kitchen, and the wind from the sea sang in the telephone wires.

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Somehow, she knew that the smell of this – part of it, the smell permeated him like chronic smoke. ” If you like, you like it, and the whole book. At the same time, it is entertaining. It is about the search for self, friendship, miracles …

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