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The following sample essay on Black Obelisk Book about philosophy book.

The novel is set between the end of the first and beginning of the second world war in Germany during the wildest inflation in 1923. The protagonist is an employee of the company by installing headstones, young and romantic young man, passed through the crucible of war. Actually the book is his outlook on life, his relationship with the boss, friends, friends, girls and enemies in its relation to the political and economic situation in the country, expressed in the brilliant dialogues between characters.

This book is about the infinite romanticism that surrounds our life, love that feeds a man of jealousy that destroys a person.

The book is full of such overwhelming philosophy poured into conversations mentally ill girl and main character that at times it seems that the remarks could not find a simple answer to a layer ny question, but then the question is slipping and remains only to nothing attached answer.

The book reads easily and so fresh that will handicap any modern prozapistsu. Invariably reader torments one question – can it be that the entire book was a theater without actors’ meanings and intentions, life as it is with the life and troubles in the luxurious frame of the master of the pen. But here you are finished reading the last page, and you covers a wave of truth and looks reproachfully author and silently speaks to you – “Well, now that you understand why I wrote this?” and you often frequent nods, because you not only to understand what he wanted to say, you could feel the energy like the smell, you missed it by yourself, you got into the skin of the protagonist, or rather you there stuffed author quickly and directly to the final page, so casually, but for this you feel the author only immensely grateful for what he has awakened in me a sincere and pure feelings of sadness and understanding of the situation! Thank you.

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