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Bismarck Essay

Otto Von Bismarck was one of the most successful and influential statesmen of the nineteenth century.Bismarck had many political and diplomatic talents, which enabled him to strive towards the goal of unifying Germany under Prussian rule.During the rough times of 1848, Bismarck showed signs of being a champion of conservatism.
Bismarck eventually rose to become the prime minister, a position that he held for thirty years.While prime minister, Bismarck's main objective was to unify Germany under the rule of the Prussians.Bismarck believed that the best way for this to happen was through diplomacy and war.He thought that through "Blood and Iron" was the best way to achieve the unification needed under the Prussians.In 1871 Bismarck became thefirst chancellor of Germany. (Kishlansky, 216)
Being prime minister and then chancellor of Germany meant having to deal with a lot of people.Therefore Bismarck had a lot of public officials under his rule to help him."For all officials, we require examinations and a practical knowledge- difficult examinations." (Kishlansky, 217)Bismarck had no tolerance for officials to teach about things that they did not know.He simply said that if you do not have experience in a certain field, then you should not pretend to know what you're talking about.That is why these difficult examinations were given, so that the officials would become familiar with things."And his advice, after this one year of practical training, would be of greater value to me than if he had been active." (Kishlansky, 217)Bismarck would take into greater consideration advice from someone who had spent a year in training learning everything, rather than from someone who had no experience in the matter. Someone could not teach others if he himself had not experience it for himself. With experience comes true knowledge of a subject.

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