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Bismarck Essay

From the day the "Iron Chancellor" was appointed into his position, the fate of Germany, and of Europe would forever be changed.Otto von Bismarck was able to take the scattered remnants of a grand empire and mold it back into a great nation.According to the American Heritage Dictionary, a hero is defined as: A man noted for his special achievements in a particular field.By careful analysis of Bismarck's role as prime minister in Prussia, one will easily see the extent to which he was a hero.
Prior to the 19th century, a unified Germany seemed nothing more then an idealistic dream.This dream was that the thirty-nine states of a once great empire could again be joined together and become a major power in central Europe.Many believed that a unified Germany was key to the aspect of peace between the warring super powers of Europe.The unification came a step closer in 1815 with the formation of the German Confederation.However, the German states still felt little kinship with each of the thirty-nine states.What they needed was a father figure to lead them, to bring them together.This figure would be Prussia, and in 1834 the confederation established the Zollverein under Prussian leadership.
As the revolutions of 1848 spread across Europe, it would be prudent to say that the revolution would make it to the German states.As nationalism and the economy grew, and the middle class wanting more say in the government, a unified Germany was inevitable to say the least.Prussia realized the potential of a unified Germany lead by their own government.Austria on the other hand, was not ready to give up their influences on the German states.With the Revolution over, Europe and Germany went back to the way they were before.It seemed as if nothing would ever change with the way the German Confederation would be run.
With the German unification in a stand still, Otto Von Bismarck was elected prime minis…

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