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Bishop Bossuet, Thomas Hobbes, Essay

Essay Topic:

English Civil War and Glorious Revolution followed the Dutch revolt
against Spain as the second of the Western Revolutions that ended absolute
monarchy and finally led to democratic representative government. As
tradition had it that the English leaders in 1641-49 and 1688-89 that their acts
were revolutionary. Parliament chopped of the head of one king and replaced
him by another because of the traditional "liberties of England." Statesmen
and pamphleteers arguing for royalist, parliamentary, or radical principals
made this a impressionable period of modern political thought. The Three
main theorists of the time Bishop Bossuet, Thomas Hobbes, and John Locke
had similarities and differences between their beliefs.
Bishop Bossuet was a tutor to Louis XIV's son in the 1670s, and the
most religious and the main theorist of the king's absolutism. He believed that
the royal power is absolute. That the king does not even need to give an
account of his day to anyone, and so it is not possible for writers to try to
write about the confusing subjects of absolute government and arbitrary
government. In addition, he believed that if the king does not have absolute
power he is not able to conduct a advantageous act for the state or put down
evil and rebellions. The king he believed is not a private person, but a public
one, which has the state and will of people with him. "As all perfection and
all strength is united in God, so all the power of individuals is united in the
person of the prince" . He found it magnifying that one man could manifest so
Thomas Hobbes was an English philosopher and political theorist and
one of thefirst modern Western thinkers to provide a non-religious
justification for the political state. Hobbes wrote the Leviathan which distilled
the political insights of the civil war. Hobbes saw in humanity a "perpetual

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