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Birth Order and its Effects Essay

oldest children in birth order
People in the birth order of oldest children are probably among the most over-
studied sibling groups in the world. Researchers have shown great interest in oldest
children for many years, and there is general agreement among them about the
characteristics that are commom to most oldest children.
“From ancient times, the oldest child has had a special significance in the family –
and in the world. This special significance has meant everything from inheriting the
kingdom to being offered as a sacrifice in religious rites, which is a good metaphor for the
mixed blessings of the oldest” (Richardson 44). “The oldest child- thefirst child- is like a
first love. The relationship between thefirst child and parents can never be duplicated. It
is a replete with the awe and wonder of having brought into the world this little being, the
focus of the parents’ dreams and hopes” (Sulloway 55). “Even if later children become
more favored by the parents, the relationship is usually not as intense as with thefirst
“For thefirst few years. oldest children receive the full, undiluted force of their
parent’s love, fears, and expectations. The parents are usually very excited about the birth
of thefirst child and look foward to it with eager anticipation mingled with fear”
(Sulloway 56).”Even before the birth, thefirst pregnancy elicits more excitement and
more anxiety than later pregnancies” (Wallace 28). “Prospectivefirst parents usually
worry at a minimum about the health of the mother and fetus, what to expect during
delivery, whether the baby will be whole and normal at birth. And these concerns are not
unfounded. Thefirst is usually the most difficult labor, averaging 14 hours compared to 8
hours for later births, and there are more difficulties with delivery and more abnormalities
in newbornfirsts” (Richards…

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