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Bird Buying Paper

The first and most important tip to remember about bird buying, is to try to buy from a breeder. A. To find a breeder in your town, you can look in the local newspaper in the classifieds or you can look on the internet. 1. Looking on the internet is probably more effective because you could also look for breeders in surrounding areas and find the bird for a cheaper price. a. Also, you can find breeders from other locations that will be able to ship your bird to you. i. One drawback about that, is the fact that you will not be able to visit the aviary to see the conditions the bird was raised in.

Also, shipping your bird may cost more than the bird itself. a. You may get lucky and find a breeder in a nearby state and you could drive there to pick up your bird which would be cheaper. 2. Looking in the local newspaper will be better because you will be able to visit the breeder’s home. a. But not many breeders are listed in the paper. II. If you are unable to find any nearby breeders, then you can visit good local pet stores. A. Buying from a pet store usually costs twice as much as buying from a breeder. B. Before you look at any birds, make sure that the store is a good pet store.

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1. A bird’s cage should be clean. a. There should not be a strong, unpleasant odor. i. If cages are being cleaned regularly, you should not smell much. b. The water in the birds’ cages should not be fouled, green with algae, or smell bad. i. Some food in bird water is normal but no more than that. c. Food dishes should be at least half full of food. d. All cages should have good light. i. Birds kept in the dark may have nutritional problems, defects that are easier to see in good light, or may be noisy if not kept in the dark. e. Cages should be clean.

Some spilled food is okay but the entire cage bottom should not be covered with old food. i. Changing the cage tray is quick and easy. If the store does not care enough about appearances to do that, there are deficiencies you cannot see. 2. A really important thing to remember, is to make sure that the bird is in good health. No one wants to buy an unhealthy bird. a. Birds should be misted or bathed on a regular schedule. b. Also, the birds should be in good feather, which means that there should not be any missing feathers, bald patches, or ragged feathers.

3. Each bird should have at least two or three toys to play with that are the appropriate size for the bird and they should have at least a couple of perches. a. Birds get bored easily so they need toys to play with. 4. Cages should be large enough for an individual bird to spread its wings at least one direction or have enough room for all birds in the cage to perch with at least the width of one bird between them. 5. The wings on a bird should be clipped. a. This shows that the bird is let out of its cage to play and interact with people.

i. If they are not being let out, then they are not being socialized, which means it is not tame. b. The pet store should offer to clip the bird’s wings and encourage you to keep clipping them after you buy it. 6. Store employees should know enough about each bird to give you a description of its personality, characteristics, and needs. a. The store manager or an employee should be able to tell you where the bird came from and provide you with contact information of the breeder or former owner. i.

But some stores may not give you this information in fear that you will go to the owner or breeder and get it cheaper. 7. The employees should also encourage you to buy care books , good healthy food, extra perches, toys, and the largest cage you can afford. a. They should explain about giving fresh foods and they should give you a list of what the bird has been eating. 8. There should be at least a 72-hour health guarantee on your bird. a. The store has, and uses, an avian vet that they should happily recommend you and encourage you to go to.

b. You should immediately go to an avian vet to get your bird checked out on the way home from the pet store to insure good health of your bird. CONCLUSION I. If you want a good and healthy bird, then you have to buy from a breeder or from a good pet store. A. Remember to make sure that the place that you are buying your bird from meets all the requirements mentioned above. II. Now you know where to look for a bird and how to spot a good pet store.

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