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Biology Lab Essay

Nature, 2001 2. David W. Pfennig, Karri S. Pfennig, and William R. Hardcore 3. Batteries Mimicry: When a harmless species mimics a dangerous species to confuse them so they are not harmed. Symmetric: A speciation in which new species evolve from a single ancestral species while inhabiting the same geographic region. Allophonic: Occurring in separate, impoverishing geographic areas 4. Organism- Reptile Genus- Mimicries Species- fulfils Common Names- Coral Snake Organism- Reptile Genus- Lampposts Species- triangular ellipsoids Common Names- Sneaking 5.

That Batteries mimicry is only effective if predators have experience with dangerous species. 6. Cylinders of procedure, non-toxic plasticize threaded onto an S-shaped wire 7. Ten at each site. Ringed, striped, and brown. 8. 10 symmetric and 8 allophonic in North and South Carolina.

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