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What are the Effect of Different Environments and the Movement of Pill Bugs? Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to analyze pill bugs activity in different environments and determine the effect of wet/dry or dark/light environments have on them and how taxis takes place in their choices in living in areas. Background information: Terrestrial isopods are commonly referred to as sow bugs and pill bugs and have other nick names as well.

These pill bugs are also related to lobsters, crabs and shrimp making them breathe with gills.

Pill bugs also tend to live in moist cool areas such as underneath rocks and soil in order to keep them from ehydrating. These pill bugs seem to sense their environment with the antennae in front of their body. Males and females are typically distinguished through darker and lighter colors, darker bottom sides being males and lighter being females.

They also breathe through their gill like structures within their bodies.

Through the first lab experiment that I did, I allowed the pill bugs to move freely without interfering with any of their decisions. After recording the numbers after every thirty seconds I believe that through taxis they chose to move the side where the moist was much higher. Based on my data I have concluded that pill bugs prefer moist living condition than dry.

Hypothesis: If pill bugs naturally live under rocks and typically come out during the night, I predict that most of the will prefer the darker setting more than the lighter Materials: Dirt/S0il Roly-polies An apple Mister Shoe box ??? Foam cup ??? Duct tape Procedure: Isopod tracking chart in wet and dry conditions Time (min:sec)# Wet# Dry o:oo 0:30 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:00 7:00 7:30 8:00 8; 30 9:00 9:30 100 8 9 7 6 2 3 4 10:oo 9 Isopod tracking chart with light and dark setting Time (min:sec)# Light # Dark :oo 5 5 4:00 6:30 8;30 5 10:oo 7 Discussion: The purpose of this lab was to identify how pill bugs react in different environments and how taxis takes a role in their decisions.

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Through this lab I was able to acquire an abundant amount of information to support my hypothesis. Based on the data that came out of the light vs. ark experiment I have concluded that pill bugs prefer darker environments than light. In order to support this data IVe done research, which specifically states the isopods, like pill bugs prefer darken areas than light due to the fact that the sun puts these bugs at risk of drying out. The most otable error that could have occurred was the bugs themselves run into each other. In order to fix this problem I could have open the passage wider so that they can easily move freely to each side. For future experiments i believe it should be done outside so that the bugs can feel the heat waves so that it gives the lab a little bit more credibility.

This lab should also be done on a larger scale with more details, like either giving them more room on in each environment like a shoe box and having the experiment go on for a couple of days instead of minutes. Conclusion: Through this lab IVe discovered that in order for an animal to survive hey go through one of two actions, kinesis or taxi. This is also proof that animals go through natural selection and the fittest will survive. Conclusion Questions: (B) 1 . Based on your observations, do isopods prefer a moist or dry environment? -Based on my results, these bugs prefer to live in moist areas. (B)2. Would the movement observed be an example of taxis or kinesis? -l believe their actions were an example of kinesis due to higher numbers in wet areas. (B)3.

Suggest a reason characteristics could lower the possibility of being eaten due to the fact that not very many predators live where they do (C)l . Did the isopods exhibit kinesis and/or taxis? -l believe that the bugs exhibited kinesis until the darker environment was found, and then after experiencing the darker area they chose to stay there by taxis. (C)2. What is the adaptive significance of the behavior you observed? -In order to prevent dehydration these pill bugs instinctively stayed in the darker cool area. (C)3. How can we apply the findings of this experiment to the study of behavior in other organisms? -Through this experiment I found that this sets an example of the animal kingdom and demonstrates how animals encounter different challenges and come about surviving.

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