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Bignay Scientific Name Essay

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Chapter 1 Problem and Its Background Introduction Among household pests, cockroaches are the most numerous and harmful. No household, whether in a city or in the farthest barrio, Is spared the creeping presence of these germ-ridden and foul-smelling brown monsters. Cockroaches carry on their slimy bodies bagful of germs and bacteria that could make any member of the family suffer various diseases. Ridding itself of cockroaches or at least reducing them to a minimum should be the goal of every household if it wants to spare itself from the high cost of medical care.

At present, commercial insecticides used to kill cockroaches are very costly which households can hardly afford. Finding a less costly way of eliminating cockroaches would go a long way in helping households financially. If malunggay leaves which are abundant in most places in the Philippines could be developed into an effective insecticide against cockroaches, Filipino households would benefit a great deal both in terms of better health for its family members and more savings.

Background of the Study In our communities today, many people are trying very hard finding different ways f killing disease-bearing insects such as cockroaches in their houses. In our neighborhood, there are lots of cockroaches, some creeping on the ground and others flying over people’s heads. To help our neighborhood solve this problem, this project intends to find out if malunggay leaves could be used as insecticide to kill cockroaches. Statement of the Problem/ObJectives This study aims at making malunggay leaves extract a cockroach killer.

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It has specific questions to be answered: a) Can malunggay leaves extract be used as a cockroach killer? ) Can people use malunggay leaves extract as a cockroach killer as effectively as commercial insecticides? General Objective: 1 . To investigate whether malunggay leaves extract can be used as a cockroach killer. Specific Objectives: 1. To be able to use malunggay as cockroach killer. 2. To be able to know how malunggay can be use as a cockroach killer. Significance of the study At present people find it hard earning money. People are also greatly frustrated of disease-bearing cockroaches infesting their homes.

This project is therefore significant because it may spare people from the need to buy highly expensive ommercial cockroach killer. All they need to do to rid themselves of cockroaches is gather malunggay leaves and use their extract to spray them. Scope and Limitation This project limits itself to determining whether malunggay leaves extract maybe developed as an insecticide against cockroaches. It does not intend to investigate whether malunggay leaves extract maybe used against other insects or pests. Malunggay- Moringa is the English name. It is called Malunggay in the Philippines and Salina in Indian Subcontinent and South East Asia.

It grows very wildly in hot tropical climate. Moringa is a wonderful herb known all over the world– but only recently in the U. S. It may provide the boost in energy, nutrition and health youive been seeking. This book reveals Moringa is nutritional content, medicinal properties, where to get it, the best results. Moringa is a remarkable discovery, which can make a tremendous difference in your health and quality of life. Mounting scientific evidence shows what has been known for thousands of years by people in the tropical parts of the world: Moringa is nature’s medicine cabinet.

It is also known as an excellent source of nutrition and a natural energy booster. Loaded with nutrients, vitamins and amino acids, it replenishes your body and provides what you need to get through a hectic weekday or active weekend. Moringa has a well-documented detoxifying effect. Laboratories around the world have studied Moringa’s ability to purify water, attaching itself to harmful material and bacteria, and allowing them to be expelled as waste. Cockroach- (or simply “roaches”) are insects of the order Blattodea. This name derives from the Latin word for “cockroach”, blatta.

Among the most well-known species are the American cockroach, Periplaneta mericana, which is about 30 mm (1 inch) long, the German cockroach, Blattella germanica, about 15 mm (1/2 inch) long, the Asian cockroach, Blattella asahinai, also about 15 mm (1/2 inch) in length, and the Oriental cockroach, Blatta oriental’s, about 25 mm (3/4 inch). Tropical cockroaches are often much bigger, and extinct cockroach relatives such as the Carboniferous Archimylacris and the Permian Apthoroblattina were several times as large as these. Cockroaches are generally considered pests; however, only about 30 species (less than 1%) infest urban habitats.

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