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Bicycles are Not Better by Mercedes Johnson Essay

In the opinion piece ‘Bicycles are not better’ published in the Motoring Weekly, Mercedes Jensen constructed a controlled, calculated opinion piece of the issue surrounding bicycles and how they’re not better . Jensen aimed to express to the workers who drive to work the issues the bicycles are causing and how it is not fair on drivers to be treated unfairly.

Jensen argues the fact that people who can ride there bicycle to work are the “lucky ones” due to how far away people who drive to work are, and how they don’t need to travel around the city for work purposes. Jensen keeps including the word ‘lucky’ to show how much more privileged bicycle riders are then rest of us who are ‘unlucky’ in an attempt to make the readers get behind the writer and make them feel outraged on how lucky these riders are and how unlucky they are.In a very appealing and pleading tone Jensen includes many rhetorical questions about how unlucky they are compared to cyclist in an attempt to make the readers feel that they are unlucky and try to make them rally behind the writers points to make a change. Jensen includes the rhetorical question ‘parachute into the city’ to relate to the visual image of a man parachuting into the city which symbolises how hard it is for the people who don’t ride to work to get into the city due to the petrol prices, how crowded public transport is and the distance of there work to further emphasise the fact that bikes are not better and the ones who cant ride them are unlucky.

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Jensen includes the recent plans to create extra bicycle lanes on major roads and how it is ‘dangerous’ and ‘totally unfair’ on people who drive to work due to the amount of traffic jams and long delays it will cause. He states it will create a ‘dangerous mixture of traffic’ to try make the readers feel concerned about the life’s of themselves and cyclists.Jensen argues his point that adding more bike lanes would…

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