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Beowulf vs. The Patriot Essay

Essay Topic:

When looking at the comparison of the stories Beowulf and the Patriot, there are some definite differences, but there are also some things very common to both of these heroes.Let's have a look at some of the major differences and common points between the two characters.
Beowulf was originally from Geatland, and once he heard the news of Grendel attacking Hrothgar's kingdom, he packed his bags and headed for Danish lands.In other words, he fought for a country beside his own.The Patriot is much different, actually the exact opposite.The Patriot is defending his home country, fighting against people coming from the other country (Britian).If the Patriot came to American shores to fight, it would have been to fight against the Americans instead of for them.
Another noticeable difference in the styles of the two heroes is how much help each gets when fighting.Beowulf fights every single battle by himself, and never seems to request for help.It seems as if he would rather lose a battle alone that win with the help of a friend.On the other hand, the Patriot is always searching for teammates to aid with the battles.Which brings up another difference, dealing with numbers.Beowulf is consistently matched up against no more than 1 enemy at a time.The Patriot is always outnumbered, no matter what the circumstances are, because his battle is a war.
In Beowulf's case, it seems that everyone in the community he is trying to help is very friendly and supportive of his actions to defend the people of the community. On the other hand is the Patriot, who continually tries to prevent his community from entering into the war, mainly because if they did take part in war, his son would also join. Since almost everyone in the community is for going to war, and the Patriot is not, no one in the community really agrees or backs his decision.
Moving on to similarities between the two ch

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