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Beowolf Paper

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Paper type: Essay

Because he survives the epic journey, Beowulf’s superhuman power enables him to attain the status of epic hero.Beowulf starts his journey armed with his superhuman strength. He is the “strongest man alive” and is known for “his great bravery.”Beowulf and his 14 special chosen Geats “launched their boat…and began the journey” to cross the sea.When they arrive they are quick to tie up the boat and “the warriors gave thanks to God for safe passage over the sea.”As they came inland they encounter a coast guard who by looking in his eyes believed Beowulf to be “more noble than most warriors in armor” and allows them to pass.All he had to do was convince Hrothgar that he could do the task. Beowulf then starts the second part of becoming an epic hero by convincing Hrothgar the leader of a foreign country that he could do battle with the enemy.Upon arriving in Denmark he tells Hrothgar “Geatish men have come from far.”Beowulf tells Hrothgar of how he disposed of a family of five giants, and had challenged Brecca to a swimming race but had to stay at sea to slay nine monsters. Hrothgars pride would have to believe that Beowulf was there “because of past favors” and, therefor allow him to take on the task of slaying Grendel. Hrothgar then takes Beowulf and his 14 Geats to Hereot.This is where most of Grendels strikes have come.As Hrothgar leaves for the night Beowulf says “Here at Hereot I shay work my daring deed or lay down my life.”As the sun began to fall his men began to fall alseep, but Beowulf stayed awake waiting for Grendel.”Grendel swing open the hall’s mouth itself” and was in the hall tearing and ripping everything in sight apart.As soon as he finished attacking and killing one of the Geats he went for Beowulf.Beowulf with his superhuman strength grabs Grendels arm.After they fight for sometim…

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This sample is completed by Emma with Health Care as a major. She is a student at Emory University, Atlanta. All the content of this paper is her own research and point of view on Beowolf and can be used only as an alternative perspective.

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