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Benzoin Lab Report Paper

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Introduction/Background: Introduction: Discussion of the mechanism of the performed reaction; discussion of why evenhandedly is air-sensitive. Step 1: Deprivation of the thiamine: Noah attacks thiamine and deportations it. There is a formation of a carbine, which is very reactive. Step 2: nucleotide attack of the evenhandedly by the depredation thiamine: Step 3: A carbine is formed and attacks another evenhandedly molecule. Step 4: thiamine is kicked out Safety Precautions: Table 1 contains safety data for all chemicals used in the experiment. Physical and safety data was obtained through Across Organics [1].

All chemical structures were drawn on Chemical Ultra 8. 0[2]. Precautions taken in lab: Safety goggles were worn in order to protect eyes from harmful irritants. All open chemicals were handled in a ventilation hood. Protective clothing (i. E. Long pants, closed toed shoes, etc. ) was worn. All chemicals were kept away from open flames. Material/Chemical List Glassware 25 ml round bottom flask 100 ml round bottom flask 25 ml filtration Erlenmeyer flask 3-50 ml beaker Pasteur pipette Solvents H2O (82 ml) 5% ethanol (43 ml) Reagents Evenhandedly (4 ml) Thiamine HCI (1. 03 g) Sodium hydroxide Equipment Water-cooled condenser Vacuum filtration Analytical scale Consumables Filtration paper Experimental Procedure: An analytical scale was used to weigh thiamine HCI (1. 003 g) and was placed into a 25 ml round bottom flask. The thiamine HCI was dissolved with H2O (2 ml). A stir bar and 95% ethanol (8 ml) were added to the round bottom flask and placed in an ice bath on a stir plate. A Pasteur pipette was used to transfer 2 M Noah slowly to the flask over a 2 minute time period. The solution turned a dark yellow.

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The solution continued to stir until the yellow color faded. Evenhandedly (4 ml) was added to the round bottom flask. The solution turned milky. The round bottom flask was hooked up to a water-cooled condenser to heat the solution. Once the solution began to boil, it was left to reflux for 75 minutes. A 2:1 solution of H2O and 95% ethanol was made with 10 ml of H2O and 5 ml of 95% ethanol and were placed in an ice bath. A vacuum filtration apparatus was set up. After 75 minutes, the flask was cooled to room temperature then placed onto an ice bath while continuing to stir.

Crystals formed. The solid was filtered and washed three times with the ice-cold H2O/ethanol (2:1) solution. The filtered solid was placed into a clean beaker and stored in the cabinet. A reflux apparatus was set up using a 100 ml round bottom flask. The benzene crystals were transferred to the round bottom flask using a powder funnel. H2O (40 ml) and 95% ethanol (20 ml) were combined in a beaker to make a 2:1 solution. Approximately 1 CM of H2O/ethanol solution was added to the round bottom flask to cover the solid. Solid milky color.

After the solution began to boil, the H2O/ethanol solution was added slowly using a Pasteur pipette until all solid was dissolved. Solution turned clear as solid dissolved. An additional 30 ml of H2O/ethanol (2:1) solution was made. When the solution was completely clear, the flask was cooled to room temperature then placed into an ice bath. Thin needles began to form. The H2O/ethanol (2:1) solution was placed in an ice bath. The crystals were filtered using vacuum filtration and washed with the ice cold H2O/ethanol solution.

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