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Benji Franklin Paper

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Benjamin Franklin made many contributions to the American Revolution and the newly formed federal government that followed the war. In addition to being an author, diplomat, and philosopher, Franklin was a scientist who created practical inventions like the bifocal lense, the stove, the chimney, the lightning rod, and the use of electricity as a power source. (Encarta) Franklin thrived in an era known as the Age of Enlightenment where knowledge was based more upon science and reason than religion. Benjamin Franklin ranks among the country’s greatest statesmen. Although Franklin was a common man, who possessed some immoral flaws, he ascended to a leadership role in colonial America, Although not formally educated, having attended only two years of grammar school (Spectrum Biographies), Franklin was a very intelligent man. He was also an astute businessman.

His business ventures included the purchasing of the Pennsylvania Gazette (Spectrum Biographies), which after his improvements was considered one of the best colonial newspapers in America. In addition to the Pennsylvania Gazette, he wrote the Poor Richard;s Almanac, which was much referred to by a colonial America. In 1731, Franklin founded thefirst public library in Pennsylvania.Several years after establishing thefirst public library, he established thefirst fire department, a police force (Morris), and the academy of Philadelphia, which is today known as the University of Pennsylvania. (Spectrum Biographies)In 1748, Franklin sold his printing business and two years later was elected to the Pennsylvania Assembly where he served for sixteen years.In 1753, Franklin was appointed deputy postmaster general for the colonies.In 1754, he became a delegate from Pennsylvania to the intercolonial congress.Franklin served as an important diplomat during the American Revolution.

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