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Benjamin Franklin vs. Tecumseh: Comparison in Views Paper

The qualities that characterize a leader are identical no matter what goal they are trying to ultimately achieve; however, the main difference that distinguishes a successful leader from an unsuccessful leader is their tactics.This is clearly demonstrated in the leaders Benjamin Franklin and Tecumseh.
The common ground that Benjamin Franklin and Tecumseh had was that they both wanted to unite a group of people.In both cases these people had no desire to cooperate with each other for reasons that spanned thousands of years. In Benjamin Franklin's case he had the task of trying to unite the thirteen colonies; these colonies had very different views of society and hadn't had common ground for a hundred or so years. The main purpose in uniting the colonies was, so that in the end they could fight the British and gain independence from the motherland. Similarly, Tecumseh tried to unite all American Indian tribes into one nation. The tribes had been in the same area for thousands of years and some tribes had united to allies but some had fought as enemies. Tecumseh's objective of uniting the Indians was to stop the recently created Americans from invading their westward land forcing them out of their land or even enslaving them.Both leaders had a common goal to accomplish for their people; this goal, to fuse the people for a generalized purpose which was affecting them all similarly.
On the other hand, the main difference between Franklin and Tecumseh were their tactics of achieving the goal.Tecumseh's method of uniting all the Indian tribes was straightforward; he rode around to different tribes giving speeches explaining the history of the Indian-American relationship and examples of the Americans treatment of Indians. Towards the end of his speech he would give specific reasons why the tribes should unite against the new Americans; he then told them the consequences that would occur if they didn&a…

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