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Benjamin Franklin as a Self Made Man Essay

As a young man, Benjamin Franklin knew poverty.His family had little
money, and he helped in his father’s candle and soap factory by the time he
was ten.Young Franklin had little formal schooling.He remembered, “I
continued, however, at the grammar-school not quite one year, though in
that time I had risen gradually from the middle of the class of that year
to be the head of it” (Franklin 3).He loved to read, and this was one of
the things that led him to eventual success.He wrote, “From a child I was
fond of reading, and all the little money that came into my hands was ever
laid out in books” (Franklin 5).His rise to fame and fortune is quite
amazing when considering his beginnings, which were quite humble.His
father apprenticed him to his brother James when Franklin was only twelve;
so much of his early life was spent laboring, rather than learning.This
makes his later years even more amazing, when he was known for his wit and
writings.By the time he was sixteen, he was writing anonymous essays for
his brother’s newspaper, and his writing was already becoming popular with
readers.One historian wrote, “Virtually all of his writing arose from
particular circumstances, served an immediate purpose, and had a deliberate
intent. If we may judge from the abundant written remains, his thought and
philosophy grew hand in hand with the full life he led” (Ketcham 4).
Eventually, young Benjamin took over the paper from his brother, but his
writings were so controversial that it did not succeed.He noted, “During
my brother’s confinement, [;;] notwithstanding our private differences, I
had the management of the paper; and I made bold to give our rulers some
rubs in it (Franklin 9).At the age of seventeen, he left Boston and
traveled to Philadelphia, where he really began to make a name for himself,
but struggled with poverty and positions.Throughout all hi…

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