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benjamin franklin Essay

Benjamin Franklin, one of the most important people of the new American Dream was born in Boston in January 1706 to a tradesman and a homemaker. It seemed unlikely that Benjamin Franklin would succeed in becoming one of the shapers of the American dream.
Josiah Franklin, his father, a young Dyer in England with hisfirst wife Anne and his three children, Josiah, Hanna, Samuel, and Elizabeth left England and came to Boston in 1683.In the begging society of Boston population 5,000 they seemed not to be in need of Josiah's skills forcing him to find a new trade candle and soap making. Many years later Anne Franklin died from complication of giving birth to her seventh child. Franklins father soon married Abaih Folger of Nantucket who went on to have ten more children who Benjamin was the eight child. From Benjamin's point of view his mother was a very caring and loving person.
James Franklin, Benjamin's older brother had already become a printer by the age of twenty-one. Seeing the opportunity Benjamin signed on with his brother for nine years in 1718. The contract committed Benjamin to work for his brother nine years until the age of twenty-one. The new work opened doors for Benjamin. Through his brother's dealings with booksellers, Benjamin was exposed to a great deal of literature and philosophy.
Benjamin franklins talent and ingenuity were instrumental in making his brothers business a success. James had a contract for printing the Boston Gazette. After ten months the contract had ended and was transferred to a rival printer. This angered Benjamin so he started his own newspaper, The New England Courant, in august 1721. Benjamin was assigned to the duty of composing the type and printing the pages. He was also in charge of distributing to reach more readers.
Inspired by the dream of becoming a writer Benjamin, ascertain that his brother would not publish any of his work began slipping his work under …

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