Walking One of the Best Forms of Exercise.

Benefits of daily walking Walking is one of the best and least expensive forms of exercise, and the easiest to perform. It is a proven weight loss strategy that not only reduces weight, but also reduces stress and tones the body. A Study conducted by Dr. James O. Hill in conjunction with the University of Colorado Health Science Center showed that walking 2000 additional steps daily prevents body weight gain. Additional research showed that 10,000 steps is the break point to lose weight.

Walking is not only vital to weight loss, but it is also effective in reducing symptoms of hypertension, diabetes and it also lowers the risk to develop cancer. `How much walking is effective? The first study to determine how much walking is effective in weight reduction was conducted by the Center for Physical Activity and Health at the University of Tennessee. The Study involved eighty female participants with a median age of fifty. First, the researcher obtained data from the participant’s like weight, height, and body mass.

The eighty participants wore a pedometer for a seven day period, and recorded their results nightly. The result showed that participants who recorded 10,000 steps had the highest decrease in body fat, body mass as well as waist and hips reduction. Although the results varied among the participants all of the results were positive in terms that they all noted a body weight reduction. Have in mind that 30 minutes of walking takes approximately 4000 steps, which burns around 200 calories. Therefore, if there is an intention of losing weight a diet plan is recommended along with the walking.

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Another benefit of walking at least 2000 additional steps daily is that it helps to prevent diseases like hypertension, diabetes and cancer. It’s simple. Walking increases the flow of blood circulating around the body which at the same time gets the heart pumping faster. So when you walk everyday your body burns calories. This helps to protect the heart and circulatory system by raising high-density lipoprotein (HDL), the good cholesterol, and keeps the amounts of sugars in the body balanced.

Recently, the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) has found that walking helps to regulate hormone levels causing to lower the risk of breast and prostate cancer; and last but not least walking also prevents the risk of colon cancer because it speeds up the digestive process, which gives less time to our bowel to be exposed to hazardous substances. Their data predicts that 45 minutes of walking everyday could prevent at least 5,500 cases of breast cancer in the UK alone. Its impressive how 45 minutes of daily exercise can make a real difference in a person’s health.

Walking is the easiest exercise to perform and the best part is that there are tons of opportunities to increase your daily exercise without having to sacrifice much. If you can’t find the time for longer workouts on a regular basis, try two or three shorter exercise sessions every day. Splitting your workouts into 15 or 10 minute throughout the day appears to work just as well as doing a full 30 minutes at once. Here are some smart recommendations on how stay healthy for those persons who like I think that we do not have enough time for physical activity or a workout.

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator could be a great exercise for those work or study on tall buildings. Walking to nearby locations instead of riding the bus or a car is healthy for our body and wallet. These activities are easy ways to boost your heart rate and promote cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure and counter stress. Overall, we can conclude that walking follows a positive trend. Walking is not only a great exercise for maintaining health it’s also one of the best exercises to help control weight and maintain a fitted body shape. Don’t let good health walk on by, get it by incorporating walking into your lifestyle.

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Walking One of the Best Forms of Exercise.
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