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Ben Essay

Josiah Franklin (Ben's dad) moved to America from England in 1682 with his wife and three children.After he moved to America the then had four more children with that wife and then had ten more children with Abiah (Ben's mom) after hisfirst wife died.Ben was number 15 out of seventeen children and was born on Boston on January 17, 1706.At this point is where a story about a man that started with nothing now is one of the most well none figures in American history and in world history.
As a young boy Ben did not follow the same path as his other brothers that went to be apprentices for trade.Ben wanted more out of life so he went into grammar school atfirst to work with the church but found that writing was his passion.From there he worked for his brother, James at a printing press and signed a contract say Ben would work for him for the next eight years.Ben liked writing so much he would send in letter for the newspaper to be printed but James did not want him writing so Ben would send anonymous letters to the newspaper so his brother would not find out.One day he over heard James talking to some people about one of his anonymous letters and how the thought it was very good which made Ben very proud and fired up his urge to write more.By working at the press he had a lot of time and more resources to read from. Even though he liked to read he also knew that it was making him smarter and more knowledgeable about many new things.He started to have many fights with James and eventually broke his contract and quit.
At age 17 he secretly leaves home to find work and goes to New York City. After getting there he finds out that there is not any work for someone like him at that time. Because America is quite new still at the time there are many opportunities to find a job even for a young man at the age of 17.He finds out that he can work for a Printer named Andrew Bradford in Philadelphia.So he takes…

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