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Ben Franklin Essay

Benjamin Franklin was a man of many accomplishments, the accomplishments he had affected the world of today and the world soon to come. Franklin's parents were like any other parents then. Franklin's dad, Josiah Franklin, was an Englishman. He moved to Boston in 1685 from England bringing his wife and three children. Anne who was Josiah's wife had four more children. The sixth one died five days after birth, and then eighteen months later Anne was bearing the seventh child and she died a week later. Like all men at the time Josiah had a trade. He was a dyer. Later he abandoned his trade and became a tallow-chandler instead. Josiah being married once before married Abiah Folger (McMaster 3). Abiah Folger bore Josiah Franklin 10 more children. The fifteenth of the seventeen children was Benjamin Franklin (McMaster 3).
Franklin was born on the seventeen of January 1706. Like every Boston boy he could read and write, knew something about history, and had knew a few Orthodox Catechism scriptures by heart (McMaster 3).
"The story of the life of Ben Franklin began at a time when Queen Anne still ruled the colonies; when the colonies were but ten in number, and when the population of the ten did not sum up to be four hundred thousand souls; … when pirates infested the Atlantic coast; when there was no such thing as a stage coach in the land; …and when Ann Pollard, thefirst white women that ever set foot on the soil of Boston, was still enjoying a hale old age" (McMaster 1).
"It was when he seven that Franklin had another experience he often recalled. One holiday they gave him a little money to spend on whatever he liked. He headed straight for the toy shop but on the way met a boy blowing a whistle. Charmed by the sound, he gave the boy all his money for it. Coming home, he whistled piercingly all over the small house, annoying his family. When he told them of the bargain he had made, they teased hi…

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